Dallas-Fort Worth Distinguished Women Value Student Interaction at Awards Gala

The Northwood University Texas Hospitality Management students with Michael Lansing, associate professor and chair, Hotel, Restaurant & Resort Management. 

Northwood University students preparing for campus tours: Nicola Jeffries, Cristin Heilker, Rukhsar Nalbandh, Luzely Lopez, Sarah Martinez, Yolanda Sanchez, Norma Benavides, Steven Cao, Brandon Mason, Wally Trejo, Sirenia Cebrero, and Joshua Reyes.

Northwood University students attending the Eggs and Economics Seminar: Ashley Love, Joshua Reyes, Natasha Norman, Brandon Mason, Alex Von Hassler, Norma Benavides.

Four Dallas-Fort Worth influential women, Harriet Miers, Congresswoman Kay Granger, Patricia Chambers and Mary Ann Thompson, were recently awarded the Northwood University Distinguished Women’s honor at a Gala in Dallas. The University’s student participation and engagement of activities impressed these women the most.  This amazing celebration allows Northwood students to experience first-hand Northwood’s mission –“To develop future leaders of a global, free-enterprise society.”

“My public administration experience has taught me that we truly need to ensure that future leaders understand the principles upon which our country was founded.  Interacting with Northwood students during this award-winning weekend was helpful for me to experience their understanding of the impact of a free-enterprise country,” expressed Congresswoman Kay Granger.

The Distinguished Women Celebration weekend recognized eight women from around the country for their accomplishments and economic impact in business and philanthropy.  These women parallel their acumens with the same Northwood ideas and values and have contributed immensely to the business economic environment.

Harriet Miers commented with great accolades about Northwood students saying, “Knowing about Northwood’s mission of free-market education is one thing, but to interact with the students studying at this great University truly helps impart a hope for future leaders in our communities.”

The impressive and impactful, multi-day celebration provided a meaningful opportunity for Northwood University students from all three campuses (Texas, Michigan and Florida) to volunteer their time and talents.  As part of their educational experiences, learning valuable event involvement helped students showcase their individual professionalism and networking skills.  The highlight is always meeting and interacting with many of the University’s amazing Distinguished Women.   From guest arrivals to a campus luncheon, campus tours, Distinguished Women and student forums, and a Gala event, the students expressed southern hospitality and courtesies to all guests attending.

Celeste Lindell, career services director and Distinguished Women student volunteer advisor, stated, “I cannot thank Northwood students enough for giving up their free time and, in some cases, taking off work to participate in and support this event.  With students assisting in a variety of areas, Northwood University was well represented throughout the weekend.  In fact, 49 students were involved during 84 shifts over two days.  In addition, the sorority and fraternity organizations and athletic groups attended our campus activities.  Throughout the two-day, seven-event weekend, over 200 traditional students impressed guests from around the U.S. who traveled to the Texas campus.”


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