Alumna's Company Assists Women with Car Buying Purchases

Alumna Allison Hancock's "Ask Ally" column serves as a valuable resource to consumers.

Well aware of the uncomfortable occurrences many women face while searching for and maintaining a car, Florida alumna Allison Hancock is now teaming with family members to ensure that the experience is a pleasant one.

Hancock shared that she’s always had a passion for the business, and now equipped with her Northwood master of business degree and her bachelor’s degree in automotive marketing and management, she’s thankful for the opportunity to apply her passion for the automotive field toward helping others.

“For many people the purchase and maintenance of an automobile can seem scary, and unfortunately for women, it is still a male dominated industry, so our hope is to improve the total experience,” said the Forest Hill, Maryland native of “She’s Buying a Car,” an online and academic educational resource she’s developing along with her father and older brother.

“Negotiating a fair deal through proper trade values, rebates, incentives and financing are just a few of the options that may present themselves while purchasing a car, so it’s important to have the proper tools in place from the very beginning,” said Hancock of the free website and blog which provide everything from an “Ask Ally” section, to maintenance tips and advice relating to the most reliable cars, buying a car with bad credit, purchasing a car with an i-phone, style and function favorites, and more.

“In addition to the website and blog, we are working on course curriculum for dealer representatives and have just inked a deal with a company which will get the word out to thousands of additional viewers through maximization of the site, mobile accessibility, social media marketing and more,” said Hancock.

Having earned her 2012 BBA and 20134 MBA degrees along with triplet siblings Casper and Lindsay, Hancock has gained hands-on experience working at South Florida auto dealerships as a sales and client Advisor, a service appointment setter and an event coordinator. 

According to the Catalyst Research Center for Equity In Business, the percentage of women corporate officers in the motor vehicle and parts industry is 11.5%, up from 11.2% in 2002.  


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