Syrian Crisis, Illegal Immigration: Professor Shares Insight

Professor Gilbert is interviewed by WPBF reporter Angela Rozier.

Florida professor Timothy Gilbert recently spoke with South Florida CBS and ABC affiliate reporters to share insight relating to both the Syrian crisis and reasons for the possible influx of illegal immigrants who are landing on South Florida shores.

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Gilbert shared that "the Syrian situation is very difficult because the president has indicated that the use of chemical weapons will cross a ‘red line’ and initiate a response on our part, and it appears fairly certain that chemical weapons were used by the Assad regime. The difficulty is that the United Nations has a team of inspectors there currently to verify that chemical weapons were deployed and any retaliation cannot commence until after they leave. The situation in Syria also has ramifications for our ally Israel in that they may become a target for attack if we do, in fact, intervene." As for the recent increase in immigrants flooding Florida borders he said, "it appears that many people are coming to our shores recently from places like Haiti and it is likely for several reasons, including the fact that the political situation there is very drastic and the country has been ravaged over the last few years by natural disasters. In addition, the Department of Homeland Security has given Haiti and a few other Central and South American countries 'temporary protected status' which allows many to receive special benefits. It may also be true that many Haitians already have family here and are seeking to reunite with them. The last possible reason is that many may believe that if Congress passes an immigration bill they may receive a pathway to citizenship if they are already in our country."

A sought after commentator, Timothy Gilbert brings over thirty years of business management and professional experience to the classroom. He teaches a wide range of classes relating to business management, philosophy of American life and business, marketing, automotive marketing, history, economics, and finance and is the faculty coordinator for the highly successful Auto Show of the Palm Beaches, Presented by Northwood University. A sought after speaker and presenter both here and abroad, Gilbert is also a recognized expert in the area of automobile franchise operations and management.

Gilbert has served as a guest lecturer at several international institutions including Fundacao Armando Alveres Penteado (FAAP) in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Fenebrave Annual Convention, Groupe ESSCA in France, the Canadian Automotive Institute at Georgian College, and the International Summer University in Wolfsburg Germany. He is the international coordinator for NUCARS (Northwood University Computer Aided Retail Simulation), given throughout Europe and North America; the author of three textbooks and the co-author of another in the field of automotive marketing, as well as a past contributor to AutoSuccess Magazine. Mr. Gilbert has been awarded the Outstanding Faculty Excellence Award and is listed in Who's Who of Americas Teachers, and Who's Who of American Business.


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