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About Northwood's Intensive English Program

The Intensive English Program (IEP) at Northwood University is a full-time English language program for degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking students. Students will improve their English language skills, as well as gain knowledge of American culture and the American university classroom.

Why Study in the IEP?

In the IEP, we help you build your academic and social English in a very short period of time. Our IEP is a full-time program, which provides 20 hours a week of study and language lab practice. It is our goal to help students raise their English level, so they are ready to enter our BBA and/or MBA programs.

Our goal is to raise your English level as quickly as possible and to help you adjust to life in the USA. Thus, our program is a full-time rigorous academic program, but is also a lot of fun!

Our students attend events on campus and around Michigan, USA. These events may include NBA games, visits to museums, shopping malls, and BBQs with other students. You will get a chance to practice your English with other international students and other Northwood University students.


How Long Will I Study in the IEP?

On arrival to Northwood University, you will take an English Language Placement Test. Your placement into one of our six levels is based on you score. Your starting level will determine how long it will take you to complete the program. Each level takes one semester or summer session to complete.

Students who successfully complete Level 5: Advanced will be eligible for transfer into our BBA program.

  • Level 1: Pre-Elementary
  • Level 2: Elementary
  • Level 3: Intermediate
  • Level 4: Pre-Advanced
  • Level 5: Advanced
  • Level 6: Graduate     *This level is for students looking to enter DeVos Graduate school here at NU. Successful completion of this course does not guarantee admission.

Graduate programs require higher language scores for entry into their programs. Level 6 is specifically designed for students who are focusing on developing their academic and social English needed to be successful in our MBA Program, areas such as case-study analysis, project-based learning and group work are of primary focus.

Students wishing to enter our BBA or MBA programs can also demonstrate sufficient English by achieving the required test score on at least one approved language proficiency exam/test. At the end of each semester, the TOEFL test is administered in the IEP, so students can always move directly into their degree programs by achieving the required scores.

See Northwood University’s official Language Proficiency Policy for details.

What Will I Study?

Students receive 20 hours of classroom instruction in our 15-week fall and spring semesters.
Students receive 25 hours of classroom instruction in the condensed 12-week summer semester.

At every level, students will study in four classes: Speaking/Listening, Reading/Vocabulary, Writing, and Grammar.  In Level 6, students will also have a TOEFL Prep Class.

We build both your academic and social English, so you will be ready to take the next step in your academic career.

The IEP also has Language Lab tutoring; you will have weekly American conversation partners, do a Business Vocabulary program and receive homework help.

All of our instructors are experienced ESL professionals and have their MA in TESOL, Linguistics or a closely related field.

How Do I Apply?

You can apply online and contact our International Admission Team for help:

Ms. Tamara B. Hageage, Director of Intensive English Program:

Ms. Rachel Hahn, International New Student Coordinator:

We will work with you step-by-step to help you apply.

Short-Term Programs

The IEP also conducts special short-term programs, usually during the summer months, for groups who seek a program that combines language improvement, cultural engagement, and field trips. These short-term programs are tailored to fit the cultural and educational needs of participants.

For more information, please contact Mr. Jeremiah Lee, Director of International Student Engagement, Multicultural Advisor, DSO at


2018-19 Cost of the Intensive English Program


1st Semester

2nd Semester





Per Year





Student Fee*




Technology Fee




Commuter Total
















Resident Total




*Student Fee excludes health insurance premium. All international students will be required to purchase the University health insurance plan which is $1,295.

**All Miner, Dubois, and Naegele Village resident students must have a Board plan. Alternate plans may be available.

All freshmen must live on campus until they have successfully completed 60 credit hours at Northwood University unless they live with parent or relative within a 50-mile radius.


Other Fees New Students Only:

Orientation Fee: $100.00

Other Fees – if Applicable:

Graduation Fee: $80.00

Car Permit Commuter students: $80.00




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