The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) is designed for the working professional.  The program is structured to optimize success as a business professional and online student.  Students take one course at a time so they can place their complete focus on one subject area while building on the knowledge they have obtained from previous courses.  On average, most students spend 15-20 hours each week studying, participating in the online class activity and collaborating on discussion boards, as well as working on team projects and preparing individual assignments.

A variety of methods are used to share material, have students interact, and be able to monitor the student’s progress throughout the course. The program is offered using the online / virtual classroom incorporating asynchronous and synchronous learning technology to create a robust learning environment.

Students of MSOL program will achieve the following competencies


A competent practitioner in the leadership process with demonstrable working knowledge of:

Ethical Leadership Process & Practice

Individual and organizational behavior

Planning, critical thinking and decision-making


A competent practitioner of measurement with a demonstrable working knowledge of:

Collecting, reporting, analyzing and evaluating data

Individual / organizational and financial measurement practices

Performing assessment and evaluation

Organizational Transformation & Effectiveness

A competent practitioner and facilitator of organizational effectiveness with a demonstrable working knowledge of:

Concepts and practice organizational behavior and development

Foundations of organizational history, philosophy

Organizational transformation practices and emerging trends

Effective Communication

A competent practitioner of effective communication with a demonstrable knowledge of:

Individual and organizational communication concepts and practices

Appropriate and skillful use of verbal and written communication

Active listening, effective negotiation and presentation skills

Innovation & Technology

A competent practitioner and user of technology & innovative practice with a demonstrable working knowledge of:

The relationship of innovation and technology

Application of innovation & technology for individual organizational effectiveness

Application of current resources and recognition of emerging trends