Student Employment

What is Student Employment and the Job Center?

The purpose of the student employment program at Northwood University is to assist students in meeting their college expenses through employment.  The Employment Center will provide an orderly process through which students are hired on-campus and learn about jobs off-campus.

Student employment is coordinated through the Student Employment Center. The Student employment Office reports to the Office of Financial Aid, which is a part of the Finance Division of Northwood University.  The Employment Center handles all part-time on-campus student employment; off-campus Community Service Work Study and off-campus job postings from private sector businesses in the surrounding area.

Students are not automatically assigned to a job.  As with any other job, students must interview for the position.  The hiring decision is up to the supervisor of the department, and each department may have several students to choose from. 

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What is Work Study vs Regular Wage?

The Work Study program is partially funded through the Federal government and is a part of the student’s overall Financial Aid package.  Students employed through the Work Study program are only partially paid by the employing department.  A percentage of the student’s wages are charged to the budget of the employing department with the remainder paid through the Work Study program.  A student must have a Work Study award through the Financial Aid office to work under this program. A student can contact the Financial Aid office to find out if they qualify for work study.

Student employees who do not receive a Work Study award are considered regular student employees.   Their employment is not funded through the Work Study program; their wages are funded entirely through the hiring department’s budget.  Some departments on campus do not budget for regular student employment, and therefore, do not hire regular student employees.  Regular student employees are also required to complete or update their student employment file with the Employment Center.  Regular student employment is not based on need; therefore, students must report their earnings on next year’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA).

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How do I find jobs?

Visit the Job Bulletin Board for current open positions. Each position will indicate what is required to apply. Apply here.

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I have been offered a job now what do I do?

Once you have been offered a position your supervisor will complete a form with the Student Employment Center and you will receive an email to your Northwood account saying “Action Required”. This is your indication you can come to the Student Employment Center located within Financial Aid to complete your paperwork. New student employees will need to bring original identity documentation with them. See the “Now that I have been Hired”.pdf that will be attached to your email with detailed information on what is required for New Employees and Returning employees. All student employees are required to complete paperwork each academic year.

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Supervisor Information

Supervisors are required to ensure approved hiring practices are followed and time worked is logged and processed in accordance with our policies and processes. The policy is developed to meet the needs of the supervisor and student as well as compliance issues with various federal and state agencies. If these procedures cannot or will not be followed by the supervisor, the supervisor will lose the privilege of hiring students.

Please click here for a current Supervisor Manual if you need an updated version.

Supervisors must complete a Change of Status for each student employee each year, view Change of Status link and Instructions here.

To post a position, please click here.

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