Scholarships and Grants for DeVos Graduate Students

Private Donor Scholarships

Many Northwood friends and affiliates have generously provided funding for private donor scholarships.

To be considered for Private Donor Scholarships, please complete the DeVos Graduate School Private Donor Scholarship Application Form.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you have any questions.

MBA Scholarships

DeVos Graduate School scholarships are available for Traditional, Working Professional and Accelerated MBA students. Students may qualify for up to three of the following scholarships:

Early Decision Scholarship

To qualify for this $1,200 scholarship, applications must be received as follows:

  • June 30 (Fall Start)
  • November 15 (Spring Start)

DeVos GPA Scholarship

To qualify, this $1,200 scholarship requires a cumulative GPA of 3.25. This requirement is based on a student's aggregated cumulative GPA of ALL undergraduate academic transcripts.

DeVos Leadership Scholarship

This $1,200 scholarship will be awarded based on your leadership rubric that is completed during your interview with your representative from Northwood University.

DeVos Graduate School Scholarship Facts

  • Effective Fall 2019
  • If a student receives less than 75% tuition reimbursement, the student would be eligible for the Early Decision Scholarship, unless the amount exceeds the total program cost.
  • If a student receives 75% or more tuition reimbursement they may not qualify for the NU Leadership OR Merit Scholarship.
  • The total scholarship award will be allocated equally over each semester of the student's prescribed program of study (Accelerated MBA students: 3 equal installments; Traditional and Working Professional MBA students: 6 equal installments).