Automotive Content Professional (ACP)

Aftermarket Focused Professional Development Designation Programs

The Automotive Content Professional (ACP) designation program was created through a special partnership with the Automotive Content Professionals Network (ACPN). This program codifies the skills and experience that today’s content managers should possess. The ACP designation is awarded each year at a ceremony at the annual ACPN conference.

Who is Eligible?

Content/catalog professionals, as well as supplier members of ACPN or the Auto Care Association, are eligible to attain the ACP designation.

ACP Requirements

  • At least three years of professional aftermarket experience – must submit a short work history write-up of your position(s) and responsibilities along with a completed ACP designation application to
  • ACP Coursework - ACP courses include seminars held at the ACPN conference and catalog/content specific courses held by the University of the Aftermarket.
  • ACES & PIES Workshop - Check the course calendar for the next ACES & PIES workshop. Generally, these workshops are held twice per year. Note: This class can be waived for those who are already sufficiently proficient in ACES & PIES. Email the University of the Aftermarket at to find out about waiver requirements.
  • ACPN Program Participation - ACP candidates must attend at least two ACPN conferences.
  • Applied Knowledge Paper - Successful candidates must write a five-paper applied knowledge paper on any content-management topic. Click here to submit your paper topic and to receive submission instructions.
  • ACPN Service - ACPN Service is defined as any service provided to the ACPN organization. This could include (but is not limited to) holding an officer’s position, committee membership, speaking, catalog judging, etc.) Final approval of this requirement comes from the ACPN Chairperson.
  • Electives - Successful ACP candidates must complete an additional 0.3 CEUs on any aftermarket subject. These CEUs may come from any University of the Aftermarket or University of the Aftermarket approved program. See the Course Calendar for examples.

Transcript Request

The University of the Aftermarket electronically sends out transcripts to all University of the Aftermarket participants on an annual basis. These transcripts are emailed in the late fall, just prior to Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week. If you have not received a transcript, it’s likely that your contact information is incorrect in our files. Please email or call 800-551-2882 to request a transcript and ensure that we have your correct contact information.

Transcript Error or Incomplete?

Transcripts occasionally contain errors or missing credits, which the University of the Aftermarket strives to correct. If you note any errors or incompleteness in your transcript, please let us know. There is a process in place to correct and update transcripts.

Enrollment Application Form for Designation Programs

Please complete the application and email to