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Automotive Degree Programs

Northwood University offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees that will enable you to excel in your career. 

DeVos Graduate School of Management

Our MBA and Master of Science programs work with the demands of today’s competitive marketplace and, most importantly, work with you! The DeVos Graduate School’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs and Master of Science programs were created with the understanding that you are unique. Whether you are taking classes, online, in-person, part-time, or full-time, we are here for you. You demand specific professional and personal elements that will enable greater satisfaction in your career, higher earning potential and a more fulfilled life. The journey from discovery to transformation begins here. This is the difference.

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BBA in Automotive Marketing and Management

Dealerships and automobile companies value employees who think creatively, take calculated risks, adapt to change and uncover new opportunities. Northwood’s Automotive Marketing and Management major will teach you these skills, in classes led by professors with real-world experience who create environments that mirror the kind our graduates thrive in.

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