GM Executive MBA Testimonials


Stephen Jakubcin“The common thread we have in our group is we all take a lot of pride in doing our job well and achieving things. So I didn’t just want to do well in school, but I wanted to maintain other responsibilities I had.” 

“We all had to do a project last semester, we took everything we have learned and applied it to our dealership or jobs.” 

Stephen Jakubcin 
Dealership, Sales 
Alpena, MI 

Paul Langmesser“To find the balance between work and the program during our lives – we’ve had marriages, we’ve had children – to find that balance it was easier to do in this program with the engagement level we had with our colleagues.” 

“What I got out of the program was a bond between corporate and GM employees that are my colleagues, and colleagues at dealerships that will stay connected throughout the remainder of our lives.” 

Paul Langmesser 
GM IT, Dealer Systems 
Detroit, MI 

Molly Hilburger“I was able to identify three and a half million dollars in dealer revenue and about a million dollars in GM revenue. It was an enlightening experience for me to see the numbers, but also using the capstone concepts to take a look at what we’re doing ourselves as GM employees and in corporate culture.” 

Molly Hilburger 
Market Area Manager Wholesale 
Minneapolis, MN 


Garret Ondo“It made us all friends and comfortable to talk to one another. I can call up Liz and ask what is going on at your dealership, what problems are you dealing with, and she would tell me honestly.” 

“Having that mix of dealers and GM in the room makes it that one step above just going to your basic MBA.” 

Garret Ondo 
Aftersales Manager 
Pittsburgh, PA