GM Enrollment Process

Enrollment Process

Learners in the program will enjoy quick and easy access to a Northwood University Admissions Concierge who will serve as the primary representative for all phases of the admission process. Interested GM retail and field employees may follow this user-friendly admissions process:

  1. Submit the Request More Information form and choose the degree program.
  2. A Northwood University Enrollment Specialist will contact you (in accordance with your preferred contact method).
  3. Learners pursuing the Advanced Leadership Program or bachelor's degree program will complete and submit a free Northwood University application for admission (

For bachelor's or master's degree enrollment (Steps 4, 5, 6)

  1. Learners will be guided by their Enrollment Specialist to request official transcripts and submit all pertinent Center of Learning training.
  2. Once all transcripts and/or Center of Learning training documentation have been received by Northwood University, a preliminary degree plan will be completed for the learner.
  3. An Enrollment Specialist will contact the learner and review how incoming credit will be accepted and applied toward the degree at Northwood University.
  4. A Northwood University enrollment specialist will outline all remaining classes required for completion of the degree and help facilitate registration and enrollment. An "Academic Advisor" will be assigned.
  5. After enrolling in the first class, the learner will be contacted by their Academic Advisor, who will serve the needs of the learner to completion of the Advanced Leadership Program and/or bachelor's degree completion and graduation.