Retail Professional Development Program

Designed by automotive professionals to serve the automotive industry.

Northwood University’s long-standing relationship with the automotive industry and our unique, business-only focus make us the ideal professional development partner.

  • Nearly 60 years working with automotive retail clients, employees and students

  • Business-only focus with results-oriented curriculum
  • Faculty and instructors with real-world industry experience
  • Credit transfer options for work experience and professional training
  • Existing and customizable courses to meet your needs—from entry-level to executive leadership

Partner for Performance

Collaborating with a proven accredited university like Northwood can help your dealership’s efforts to recruit and maintain top candidates while encouraging agility and innovation in employees through economic, industry and market changes.

Offering opportunities for growth and development is proven to:

  • Build employee dedication and motivation
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Improve performance and strengthen teamwork
  • Develop stronger leadership skills

Booking classes now for fall 2018 and spring 2019.

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Choose from the following existing courses or contact us for custom course needs:

Dealership Operations

Propel your retail automotive skills to the next level and explore the role of the dealership within the changing dynamics of the automotive retail landscape. Using case studies and retail trend analysis, you will learn about industry best practices from operations to the customer experience. This course provides a forward-looking perspective that will prepare you to meet the dealership challenges of tomorrow.

Dealership Business Management and Financial Statement Analysis

Working in automotive retail requires an understanding of the basic finance principles and transactions happening at your dealership. All employees have a role in profitability, and this course explores sound business and financial practices, as well as examining dealership financial statements and operating trends. Understand the vocabulary of retail automotive management and learn how to evaluate dealership strengths and weaknesses through its financial data.

Leadership I: Development and Practice

Grow your professional opportunities and perform like a leader. In this course, you will build an awareness and understanding of your own leadership philosophy, skills and behaviors through self-assessment and examination. You will discover the unique dimensions of your own leadership style, strengths and weakness, and ways to create a positive leadership environment for yourself and others around you.

Leadership II: Strategies for Excellence

Strategic leadership is the foundation that drives business performance and growth. Learn the practice and process of visioning strategy and implementation excellence through real-world examples. Share leadership challenges and practice strategies designed to utilize your own leadership style and organizational strengths to achieve success.

Social Media Marketing and Enhanced Dealership ROI

Social media has dramatically influenced marketing practices, especially in the era of mobile devices and multiple platforms and applications. This rapidly changing environment presents marketers, including those in the automotive industry, with new opportunities and challenges. This course is designed to help you further develop your social media marketing skills via case studies and current trend analysis. You will have the opportunity to develop a social media plan and apply best practices to your own social platforms in real time.

Prior Learning Assessment and Earned Credits

Ask us about translating dealership experience, NADA Academy classes, and completed Northwood Retail Professional Development courses into awarded credits toward degree programs. Be on your way towards a career-advancing degree faster with up to 30 credit hours.

Transform potential into performance

Like an engine, employee skills need regular service and attention for peak performance. Northwood University Retail Professional Development courses are designed with versatility and applicability to maximize investment in professional development.

Industry professionals who have collaborated with Northwood see the value in their departments right away. Here are just a few things they are saying:

“As I've been moving forward with revamping our dealership's social media, I've been adding more and more videos. I have seen our engagement ratings go up by the thousands and interactions go up tremendously as well.”