Businesses of all sizes are welcome to meet, interview, and hire high quality Northwood University candidates. Whether you are seeking interns, entry level new graduates, or seasoned managers, Northwood University can assist you in your search.

Eligible Organizations

Network marketing companies are not considered "employers" by the Northwood University Career Assistance Center and are not eligible to participate in career expos, on campus interviewing, eRecruiting, resume referrals or sponsorships for on‐campus activities.

A network marketing company is defined as one that engages in the following practices: sponsoring individuals to set up their own businesses for the purpose of selling products or services and/or recruiting other individuals to set up their own businesses; requiring an initial investment (payment of a fixed fee, payment to attend an orientation or training session, and/or purchase a starter kit) from an individual, with the organization itself serving as an umbrella or parent corporation; offering compensation in the form of straight commission, fees from others under their sponsorship in the organizations, and/or a percentage of sales generated by others. (Adapted with permission from the Colorado State University Career Center)

Principles for Employment Professionals Principles for Third Party Recruiters

Post an Open Position

Northwood University Career Network Login

Employers can post open positions and internship opportunities using the Northwood University Career Network. All postings are accessible to all Northwood students and alumni. There is no fee to post open positions. Regitratrion is fast and free.

Send a Job to Career Advancement

In addition to being able to self-post jobs to the Northwood University Career Network, employers may also wish to submit job postings to Career Advancement. To send a job posting to Career Advancement, register on the Northwood University Career Network.

On-Campus Interviews and Visits

Career Advancement encourages employers to visit campus for individualized recruiting and networking days. The Career Advancement staff will work with you to coordinate on-campus interviews. Faculty often invite company representatives into classes to present on pertinent business topics. Company presentations can be arranged prior to interviews.