Biodegradable Platform

We, at Northwood Dining, use only biodegradable or reusable material in our service to customers. We also work hard to reduce food waste. Here are just a few reasons why.

Why Reduce Wasted Food and Packaging? Together, food and packaging/containers account for almost 45% of the materials landfilled in the United States, and some of these discarded materials are food-related packaging and containers. To reduce food reaching landfills, save money, and help communities, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency started the Food Recovery Challenge. The Challenge is part of EPA’s Sustainable Materials Management Program, which seeks to reduce the environmental impact of materials through their entire life cycle. Food service establishments generate a significant amount of wasted food and packaging. Between 4 and 10 percent of food purchased by food service operations in the U.S. is thrown out before reaching the plate. By reducing the amount of food and packaging discarded, they can significantly reduce their waste stream and save money.

Reasons to Reduce Wasted Packaging Containers and packaging alone contribute over 23% of the material reaching landfills in the U.S., and some of these discarded materials are food-related containers and packaging. Additionally, packaging makes up a majority of the litter that ends up on our beaches and other waterways. This is a problem because fish, birds, and other aquatic wildlife are often harmed by ingesting plastic bags and other debris from packaging. Waste in the ocean also causes navigation hazards for boats and results in losses to the shipping, fishing, and tourism industries.

Did you know that eliminating packaging can conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions? You can calculate the greenhouse gas impacts of reducing, recycling, and composting your organization’s packaging using EPA’s Waste Reduction Model (WARM).

Menus of Change

We, at Creative Dining Services, have partnered with Harvard University and the CIA (Culinary Institute of America), to develop Menus of Change. This provides simple and easy building block to make a difference in the world. Check it out and Flip your Protein today!

Reusable To-go Containers

The Green Container Movement has been so successful that we have heard several of our customers would like to use them in our retail locations as well. Well, we have heard you and starting this Fall Semester Reusable To-go Containers can be used at all of our great dining locations. Keep the Green Container Movement going!

To-go Policy

  1. Ask the cashier for a to-go container
  2. Pay a $5 deposit on the container (cash or credit) and swipe, or pay, for a meal
  3. Fill your to-go container and take it with you
  4. Bring back your dirty container to the cashier and get a clean one
  5. During finals week we will refund your $5 if you bring the container back


Did you know that we, at Northwood Dining, recycle? Over 13 tons a year of cardboard and over 4 tons of metal. We also work with local food banks to make sure we waste as little food as possible. Everyone can do their part by taking fewer napkins and eating the food they take from a buffet. Make a difference, starting today!

Purchasing Locally

Purchasing from local suppliers helps reduce our carbon footprint and helps to provide a wider variety of products to our customers.

Check out some of our Local Partners:

Creation Coffee
Arnold Farms