To-Go Boxes:

Reusable To-Go containers will be available at the Cash Register

  • A student can pay a $5 deposit and receive a reusable container
  • Use it and bring it back for us to clean, and get a clean container to use the next time.
  • During Finals week, you can return the boxes for your $4 deposit, or keep it for another year.


We currently recycle cardboard and we are moving to recycle metal cans as well.

Food Recovery:

We work with Midland's Open Door to send excess food items, so they can help those in the community.


We are looking at water usage in our locations, and by replacing pieces of equipment we will use less water, less electricity, and as time goes on we will reduce our carbon footprint. We are also looking at the possibility of composting over the upcoming year. 

Cage-Free Eggs:

As of 8/31/18 we have made the switch to cage-free eggs for almost all of our egg products at all locations, this will allow us to provide a great quality product to our customers while helping with the humane treatment of animals.