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February 2009

This month’s AQIP in Action is brief and to the point:  semester curriculum proposals and curriculum reviews are upon us!

We have made great progress on our terms to semesters transition – thanks in part to the oversight of Kayte Aspray, Lea Holland, and Kevin Petrovsky and the contributions of so many faculty and staff on our varying transition teams.

By now, you should have received or been informed of the proposals currently with the One Northwood Curriculum Committee – these cover the work of faculty in developing a business core of 10 courses and a general education core of 20 classes.  These proposals are under review and several issues remain to be resolved – please provide feedback to your colleagues on the Curriculum Committee.

Curriculum Committee members are: Gene Beckham, Christian Bechtel, Dennis Bechtol, Howard Borck, Liz Minbiole, Tara Peters, and Cheryl Pridgeon (Chair).

At the same time, Curriculum Reviews are well underway and are yielding productive discussions on the One Northwood front.  We have uncovered some very good work on the assessment front and also acknowledge some work to be done in this area.  As Curriculum Reviews are completed, they are being forwarded to both the One Northwood Curriculum Committee and Deans’ Council for commentary.

Also, please note the due date for the semester curriculum for your major is Friday, March 27.  Most of the Curriculum Reviews are including such and deans are working with department chairs and faculty across the system on this.  Please forward these proposals to Lea Holland (Texas) as you complete them.  Again, these proposals will be reviewed by the University Curriculum Committee and the Deans’ Council before being forwarded to President Pretty and me by April 17.

Finally, please know the DeVos Graduate School has refined its courses, structure, and schedule and that too is being reviewed currently by the Curriculum Committee and Deans’ Council.

Future AQIP in Actions
Coming monthly issues of AQIP in Action will cover work associated with analysis and upgrades of learning areas/technology, the excellent work of our Faculty Development Team members, and an update on the Foundations of Excellence self-assessment.  Much is going on and I know your Operating Unit Leaders, Deans, Department/Division Chairs do their best to keep you up to date.  As per the norm, if you have any questions or concerns, please always ask those around you and do not hesitate to engage me as well!

Yours in teaching and learning,

John J.

John Jasinski, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President/Chief Academic and Operating Officer
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