A Degree That Works


The Innovation Marketing & Management program prepares you to:

  • Identify market opportunities for new products, services or markets.

  • Manage the teams that lead change efforts.

  • Introduce and/or embrace new ideas, processes or products.

  • Identify and evaluate the value or risks associated with each idea.

  • Respond effectively to internal and external innovation opportunities.

  • Enhance ideas, develop launch plans and identify performance metrics.

  • Lead innovation efforts for start-ups, and expansion and growth for existing companies.

  • Learn and practice how to convert novel, complex, technological and scientific concepts into simple and practical elements.

  • Manage venture capital investments.


Careers in innovation can be found in industries such as:

  • Agriculture

  • Energy

  • Engineering

  • Finance

  • Food & Beverage Design

  • Health Care

  • Hospitality

  • Human Resources

  • Marketing

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Public Policy

  • Science

  • Sustainability

  • Technology

  • Transportation