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    Our purpose is to create highly effective leaders through a process of personal and professional transformation based on our integrative curriculum and student-centered learning methodology.

    DeVos Learning Process

    Academic Approach

    The academic approach at DeVos, like that of business, is driven by a process. Essentially, DeVos students experience four components to their education that differentiate Northwood's Graduate School. Beyond learning business, our students experience a transformation both personally and professionally through the intensive course of study and a capstone experience.

    The curriculums focus on integration over specialization. Rather than concentrations or majors, DeVos offers a focused management program. You will learn management by practicing management. Through the team cohort learning model, you will become a standout thinker and problem solver in your professional and personal endeavors.

    Case-Based Learning

    You will experience rich academic study utilizing a case-based study methodology. Our industry-leading faculty members facilitate your cohort learning experience. Students in your cohort learn through interactive discussions, research, and presentations.

    The student-based discussions utilize cases that create a classroom experience that is similar to a work environment. Students become active partners in learning. The capstone learning event forces students to deal with the distractions and conflicting data experienced at work.

    Commitment to quality and industry relevance is key in the success of DeVos academics. The DeVos academic approach is strategic in design and implementation. DeVos students are well-equipped with the tools and skills necessary to actively lead the ever-changing global economy needs with key building blocks of behavior, finance/economics, and strategy.


    Cohort, as defined, means a group or company; a companion or associate. DeVos MBA candidates utilize cohorts to instill the sense of team that is necessary for leaders. With that in mind, the cohort experience allows you access to like-minded individuals with the same goal in mind. You will develop a strong peer network with many in your cohort. This provides you with a continual sounding board and support network long after you graduate from DeVos.

    Each Cohort Section allows:

    • Students to advance through the program together
    • Students to attend the same classes together
    • Students to study the same principles


    The Lock-step approach enables faculty to coordinate what students learn in other classes, and the environment facilitates learning that leads to broad-based, decision-making capabilities that are critical to career success. The Cohort philosophy enhances student accountability by engaging the student to actively participate.

    Management & Leadership Capstone

    This capstone learning event provides the opportunity for students to integrate and apply all of the knowledge and skills acquired throughout their MBA program.  Students will be able to see how they perform in a rapidly changing organizational environment where they make true to life decisions and quickly see the results of those decisions. A comprehensive system is used so that students can see and understand the strong intended and unintended interplay of their actions among the various functional areas.  This course brings students together for an opportunity to learn and work with one another in a complex and dynamic organizational environment.


    DeVos academics integrate today's complex, global business environment, and creates leaders who are ready to immerse themselves in the demands of leadership roles. The academic experience will catapult your thinking whereby you immediately are armed with the tools necessary to complete a task.


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