What is Youth Leadership?

Midland County Youth Leadership is a two-day conference for Midland County ninth-graders. The program provides opportunities to learn about leadership, team building, volunteerism, team decision-making, and goal setting through hands-on activities. Participants will also visit a variety of community locations, interact with other high school students and adults, make new friends and learn more about their role in the community. The program is completely planned and implemented by Youth Leadership alumni.

Founded in 1992, Youth Leadership is a program designed for youth and by youth, under the guidance of adult leaders. The program brings together freshmen high school students from across Midland County to build their leadership potential.

Program Mission

To provide an educational leadership program for selected Midland County high school students to network with peers, to develop leadership skills, and learn about their surroundings in order to be better prepared for involvement within their community.

The IMPACT of Youth Leadership

A survey of past participants, from 1992 - 1999, was conducted in the fall of 1999 to assess the value of the Youth Leadership Program. A total of 347 surveys were mailed and 75 were returned - an impressive 21% response rate.

  • 74 of the 75 said that Youth Leadership gave them practical tools to use, confidence to make independent decisions and influenced their life choices
  • All 75 said that Youth Leadership should definitely continue to be offered
  • 59 continue to be involved with volunteer activities

Alumni Comments

"Youth Leadership helped me to develop a sense of leadership within myself and inspired me to believe I could do anything. It also made me realize that in order to be a good leader, you have to be a good person - including making the right decisions and doing things to benefit your community."

"Youth Leadership offered me an opportunity to interact with other students likewise interested in fulfilling a leadership position and serving our community. Youth Leadership provided me with an opportunity I would have otherwise been unable to attain."

How to Get Involved

Any ninth-grade student in Midland County is eligible to apply, including students who attend private, public, parochial, charter schools or home schooled. Forty-five individuals are selected to participate in the program. Selection is based on an application, two letters of recommendation, and a brief interview (held on February 15/16). Application materials will be available online and are due by January 21. Applications should be turned in no later than 4:00 p.m. at high school offices. When the application is submitted, applicants will be required to sign-up for an interview time and date.

The program is funded in part by the Leadership Midland Alumni Association, as well as area service clubs and community organizations. Area businesses are also sponsoring students' participation in this year's program, and in-kind contributions of time, supplies, and facilities help keep the program affordable for youth. Speakers and presenters all donate their time and talent.

For more information, contact Teresa George 989-837-4227