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Promote your inner entrepreneur.

At the DeVos Graduate School you will not only solve business challenges, you’ll uncover them. After all, true entrepreneurship and business leadership means having the vision to go where others haven’t. Are you up for the challenge? If so, we can’t wait for you to join us!

We offer...

  • A problem-based approach to learning
  • Case study methodology
  • Student-centered discussion format
  • Industry-experienced faculty
  • Small class sizes (25 on average)
  • Diversity of students from around the globe
  • Full accreditation

Gain firsthand knowledge.

Our faculty understands business success because they have achieved it. To learn more about their individual backgrounds, visit the faculty section of our website to see for yourself

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On behalf of our faculty, staff, and students, I invite you to explore a dynamic and life-changing educational opportunity. As you investigate our MBA and MSOL programs, you will see that we prepare professionals to make a profound impact on the business world.

Taking part in our graduate program connects you to a worldwide network of alumni. Wherever you turn, you will find leaders who share the DeVos experience. These are men and women who possess the determination, moral foundation, and entrepreneurial spirit to make a difference; who understand the necessity of hard work; and above all, who recognize that leadership is a responsibility worthy of the pursuit.

Please, take a moment to explore your options in the following pages or at As you will soon see, DeVos Graduate School is more than an education. It’s Business for Life.

Yours in success,

Dr. Lisa Fairbairn
Dr. Lisa Fairbairn, Dean
DeVos Graduate School

Two approaches. Two superior degrees.

MBA and MSOL and how they differ.

The MSOL focuses on people and organizational issues. Intended for those already working in a career, degree programs like the MSOL are in increasing demand by organizations seeking to maintain a competitive advantage.

Boardroom Branstorming

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The DeVos MBA transforms business professionals into highly effective leaders through our integrative curriculum and problem-based learning methodology.

MBA programs in a variety of formats and geographies are available to you. All programs share specific academic student outcomes of achieving highly developed business acumen, critical thinking, and personal effectiveness skills. You will need to have earned a bachelor’s degree and have at least three years of work experience to enroll for the weekend and evening programs.

Our MBA prepares you to:

  • Find and help resolve high-level corporate challenges
  • Identify and capitalize upon opportunities for change and growth
  • Cast a vision and inspire your peers to follow
  • Raise the performance level of subordinates and superiors

For course descriptions and admissions criteria, visit our website

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Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL)

An MSOL degree from Northwood recognizes that individual and organizational success is about making a contribution. For this reason, the program examines the behaviors that facilitate effective personal and organizational leadership and learning, as well as team-based problem-solving strategies and practices.

Available online only, courses are led by outstanding faculty who are both practicing leaders in their fields and exceptional educators. Prospective students must have earned a bachelor’s degree and have at least three years of work experience prior to enrollment.

Our MSOL prepares you to:

  • Reveal the power of your peers to encourage positive change within an organization
  • Master techniques of collaborative team communication
  • Implement creative and cooperative problem-solving strategies
  • Make ethical leadership choices

For course descriptions and admissions criteria, visit our website

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Programs designed around your life.

Accelerated MBA
Available: On-site
Duration: 12 months
Program Schedule: Courses meet four days per week

Traditional MBA
Available: On-site
Duration: 24 months
Program Schedule: Courses meet two times per week, day or evening

Evening MBA
Available: On-site
Duration: 24 months
Program Schedule: Courses meet one evening per week

Weekend MBA
Available: On-site
Duration: 24 months
Program Schedule: Courses meet Friday evening and Saturday morning

Online MBA
Available: Online
Duration: 24 months

Executive/Corporate Programs
Available:Online and/or On-site
Ideal For: Employers with the organization’s future in mind
Current and previous partners include:
Automotive Aftermarket Industry, Dealership Industry, General Motors, Hantz Group, Inc. and The Dow Chemical Company

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL)
Available: Online
Duration: 24 months

Learn from experience.

Our mission is to significantly enhance your performance capabilities and leadership potential. To get there, we take a problem-based learning approach that places you in real-world managerial situations.

Our methodology incorporates cohorts, case-based learning, integration of business content, and simulations. This experiential approach equips students with the key building blocks of behavior, finance, economics, and strategy. The idea is to make you an active partner in your learning, not a passive listener.

Finally, we focus on three core outcomes: Business Acumen, Critical Thinking, and Personal Effectiveness Skills. These outcomes will always be with you. They are the essence of Business for Life.

Boardroom Branstorming

Cohorts - A study in working together.

As a member of a cohort, you will work in close collaboration with fellow students. This team-based approach allows you to effectively build your communication and management skills.

A cohort is a collaborative community of about 25 talented people with a variety of work and life perspectives. Working as a cohesive team, you will become more comfortable with your peers and open to sharing and receiving feedback.

Cohorts amplify one of our core outcomes: Personal Effectiveness.

While participating in class discussions, simulations, and small-group projects, you will learn the key management attribute of getting the most from those with whom you work.

With students hailing from all over the globe, your DeVos peer network will feature a broad range of cultures, educational backgrounds, and work and life experiences. As a sounding board and support system throughout your career, this diverse peer network will benefit you long after you earn your degree.

Case studies - a taste of things to come.

The DeVos method uses a case study approach that exposes you to the many obstacles facing today’s top corporations; this means working through distractions, constraints, and incomplete information that executives encounter on a daily basis. You will also have a chance to conduct additional research with the goal of arriving at sound solutions.

In the process of determining root causes and formulating recommendations and action plans, you will gain vital critical thinking skills and business acumen. While you are a decision maker, you’re not alone in the process. Working with your cohort, you will be encouraged to share your perspective and solve challenges with others. Our professors will partner with you to maximize your learning. With their firsthand understanding of business, they will serve as mentors throughout the process.

Capstone Simulation

Our Capstone Simulation course is a weeklong, team-based business and leadership simulation that tasks you with one of the ultimate business challenges: running a multi-national corporation. There’s no better way to find out how much you’ve learned.

A world of career options.

As business is no longer constrained by borders, we focus on skills that are marketable in every corner of the globe. To learn more about the career options our graduates face, visit the career services section of our website

Earn the degree that never stops.

Not all graduate business degrees are created equal. That’s because we challenge you to think, act, and lead like a successful Fortune 500 Executive. Join the many who made their start at the DeVos Graduate School at Northwood University. It’s more than an education. It’s Business for Life.

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