September 13, 2013

International Commencement & Convocation Ceremonies Highlight NU’s Global Footprint

Commencement and Convocation ceremonies at Northwood’s international program centers give us several reasons to celebrate, but two in particular stand out. First, they mark the graduation of some 737 Northwood students into the ranks of Northwood alumni. Secondly, they highlight our international footprint and a key opportunity for our continued growth. 

In fact, from June to December of this year, we hosted or are hosting a total of six different Commencement and Convocation ceremonies for our international program centers: 

  • Montreux, Switzerland - June
  • Colomobo, Sri Lanka - July and December
  • Changchun and Wuxi, China - September
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - October

In addition to our international graduates, we have over 1,500 more students who are currently working on degree programs outside the U.S. And with job placement rates like that in our Malaysia program—100%!—our scope of influence and impact will only grow in the years to come.

Among the many exciting things happening throughout our worldwide program centers is the Auto Show in Changchun, China on September 15. Following a tradition that is now 50 years in the making, Northwood students in Changchun will host their fourth Annual Auto Show this year. Inspired by our shows in Florida and Michigan, the Changchun event continues to grow in size and popularity each year.

In addition, the themes of hard work, community engagement, and dreaming big that animated our recent Convocation ceremonies in Florida, Michigan, and Texas will also serve as the focal point of business meetings taking place in China this week and next. As part of our University’s ongoing growth efforts, Northwood officials will meet with current and potential industry and university partners, donors, alumni, and parents with the aim of expanding our enrollment, retention rates, and specialty degree programs.

All this points to the importance of seizing every strategic opportunity we have to grow. With five different international partnership programs now between nine and 14 years old, Northwood University is paving the way to even more new and exciting offerings in the future.

Have a great weekend!


Keith A. Pretty, J.D.
President and CEO
Northwood University
4000 Whiting Drive
Midland, MI 48640