February 8, 2013

Freedom Seminar 2013

For the 35th year, Northwood University will host its Annual Freedom Seminar on April 11-14, 2013. Hosted in the Greektown area of Detroit, Michigan at the Atheneum Suite Hotel, the Freedom Seminar will provide Northwood students, alumni, and the general public a unique opportunity to explore and better understand the philosophies behind America’s economic and social order while studying with some of today’s most respected leaders in economics, finance, and public policy.

This year’s Seminar will also feature a new and exciting element. Kicking off the event will be an all-star group of metro-Detroit entrepreneurs who will lead a panel discussion on the role that entrepreneurship and free enterprise can play in restoring our country and the world’s prosperity. Among the panelists are Northwood alumni John Hantz, Nico Gatzaros, and Jason Huvaere three of the leading architects of Detroit’s turn-around.

The aim of this new event is three-fold: create exposure among like-minded constituents who are currently unfamiliar with Northwood University; present a platform for reinforcing The Northwood Idea within our alumni base; and provide a positive and optimistic atmosphere for one of America’s vital cities. The fundamental goal is to show that Northwood’s free enterprise philosophy is not just about thinkers and ideas, but about the “doers”.

 Presenters for the 2013 Freedom Seminar are:

  • Dr. Michael Cox, Director, O’Neil Center, Southern Methodist University and the former Chief Economist and Senior Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
  • Dr. Richard Ebeling, Professor of Economics at Northwood University and a member of the board of the National Bureau of Economic Research.
  • Mr. Winston Elliott, President, The American Free Enterprise Institute
  • Mrs. Barbara Elliott, President, The Center for Renewal
  • Mr. Nico Gatzaros (Class of ’01), Owner America’s Greenline LED
  • Mr. John Hantz (Class of ’84), President and CEO, Hantz Group, Inc.
  • Jason Huvaere, Owner, Paxahau, Inc.
  • Dr. Dale Matcheck, Professor of Economics and the Chair of the Economics Department at Northwood University
  • The Honorable Maurice McTigue, Vice President, Mercatus Center at George Mason University
  • Dr. George Nash, Senior Fellow, Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal
  • Dr. Timothy Nash, Vice President of Strategic and Corporate Alliances and the David E. Fry Endowed Chair in Free Market Economics at Northwood University
  • Mr. Herman Pirchner, Jr. , President of the American Foreign Policy Council, Washington D.C.
  • Rabbi Aryeh Spero, President & CEO, Caucus for America
  • Mr. Michael Tanner, Senior Research Scholar, The Cato Institute
  • Mr. Harry Veryser, Professor of Economics at University of Detroit Mercy
  • Mr. Jonathan Williams,(Class of '05) Director of Tax and Fiscal Policy for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in Washington, D.C.
  • Rabbi Aryeh Spero, President & CEO, Caucus for America

All Northwood associates system wide should try to promote this year’s Freedom Seminar in their respective circles and, where possible, attend the Seminar sessions. In addition to stimulating presentations, idea creation and networking, the subjects covered are extraordinarily relevant to putting the American and global economies back on the road to success.

To learn more, including how to register, visit our website at http://www.northwood.edu/freedomseminar/ or contact Dr. Dale Matcheck at (989) 837-4256 or Matcheck@northwood.edu.

Have a great weekend.