December 7, 2012

The Arts Still Make Good Business Partners

A recent article on the popularity of “company” museums in The Economist affirms one of our most long held beliefs at Northwood University: the arts and business make good partners.

While it may surprise some of today’s cultural and political elite, we can all appreciate and admire the role that both the arts and business play in making a better life for everyone. From Northwood’s founding to the present, the interactions between the arts and business have been an essential part of our education because they are an essential part of life. Simply stated, business is an art and the arts are a business.

Recent examples of how this collaboration is alive and well can be found system wide at Northwood. In Florida and Michigan, for example, students like Carin Fleming (FL) and Benjamin Baker (MI) turned their love of music into entrepreneurial endeavors, each running their own successful DJ companies.

In the classroom, courses like those taught by Elaine Brazzell (TX) and Jennifer Luzar (MI) are utilizing talent shows and Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit demonstrations respectively as a fun and innovative way to teach the arts of speech communications while serving the larger Northwood community with some much welcomed entertainment and humor. In turn, instructors like Jack Allday and Kevin Walker (TX) are partnering to provide our students with unique learning opportunities such as Kevin’s “Music and the Black Aesthetic” presentation on jazz in Jack’s Introduction to Music class this past Wednesday (according to Jack, it was a presentation “these students will never forget”).

In addition, students system-wide have had a variety of opportunities this fall to experience and learn more about the arts in everything from symphony and theatre performances to events such as an exhibit that opened at Northwood University Florida's Jeannette Hare Art Gallery earlier this week. 

"Informal Meeting of the Creative Minds,” which runs through February 14, 2013, features a variety of works from the Palm Beach County Art Teacher's Association (PBCATA). Not only is this a great opportunity for our students to learn more and broaden their intellectual and business knowledge, it also highlights our enduring commitment to community partnerships, and is an excellent opportunity to inform others about our degree programs by welcoming them to our campuses.

Have a great weekend!


Keith A. Pretty, J.D.
President and CEO
Northwood University
4000 Whiting Drive
Midland, MI 48640