November 9, 2012

Keeping the Proper Perspective

On Tuesday, we as a nation chose those who will lead us politically for the next two, four, and six years respectively. Whether we like the results will not matter nearly as much as the fact that our idea—The Northwood Idea—and the work we do to promote it, still remain front and center to the well-being of our nation and the world.

A great example of our promotion of The Northwood Idea is how we led the way in hosting the November 1 symposium, “A Need for U.S. Tax Reform to Enhance Economic Growth and American Competitiveness” on our Michigan campus and live via the worldwide web. Coordinated by Dr. Timothy Nash, the event featured global and national public policy leaders who addressed the impact current and proposed tax policies will have on our country— especially our students—in the very near future, and what we might do to avert that and place ourselves on a more solid economic footing.  If you missed the event, would like to give it a second viewing, or want to share it with others click here.

As tempting as it can be to think otherwise, no one person, or group of people, is capable of fixing all the issues we face nationally and globally. As Milton Friedman among others often reminded us, the success of nations and economies throughout history has never come down to a single leader or group of leaders.

Rather, it is the creativity and imagination of innovative leaders—especially entrepreneurs and business leaders—whose efforts continue to increase the quality of life for all. Our civic duty as citizens is and will always be an important part of who we are, but what we do each and every day is far more significant in the end. Political matters may win the day now and again, but how we engage each other, how we conduct business in partnership with one another, and how we work together for a better and brighter future will win out over everything else.

For us at Northwood, that means keeping our focus squarely on the education and training of the future leaders of a global, free enterprise society; on ensuring intelligent, experienced, and innovative women and men leave our campuses and enter into the world equipped with the skills, vision, and direction necessary to lead us in the accomplishment of the great achievements that await us.

To quote John F. Kennedy, another great President of modern times, “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.”

Have a great weekend.


Keith A. Pretty, J.D.
President and CEO
Northwood University
4000 Whiting Drive
Midland, MI 48640