November 2, 2012

ETOM and A4EOE Conferences Highlight NU’s Focus on Strategic Growth 

The Educational Technology Organization of Michigan (ETOM) and the Alliance for Excellence in Online Education (A4EOE) conferences taking place today are just two of the many ways Northwood University faculty and staff are busy implementing our Strategic Plan. 

A “non-profit organization dedicated to the use of instructional telecommunications in higher education with an emphasis on distance learning,” the Educational Technology Organization of Michigan (ETOM) has served as an important resource for Michigan higher education, business, and educational institutions for nearly 32 years, including online teacher certification. We are proud that 136 Northwood University full-time and adjunct faculty members—63 on our residential campuses and 73 from our Adult Degree Program (ADP)—have completed the ETOM certification to date. Several more are either completing it now or will complete it by February 2013. 

This year, ETOM is hosting its annual fall conference on our residential campus in Midland, thanks in large part to Dr. Linda Henderson, academic dean of our ADP. Dr. Henderson is an ETOM board member (president-elect) and was the catalyst in our serving as the host site for this event.

The conference will study everything from the role of emerging technologies in online learning and adaption of on-ground courses for online delivery, to student perceptions of blended courses and the use of social media and digital storytelling as teaching tools. Northwood faculty Jerry Coleman, Stelian Grigoras, Jennifer Luzar, William Pringle, Eileen Sandlin, Eileen Sparks, C.T. Weeks, and head librarian Alice Parsons will all make presentations, while several other faculty and staff members will participate in the conference.

In turn, the Alliance for Excellence in Online Education (A4EOE), in which Northwood is an active member, will host its annual “Symposium for Excellence in Online Education” at Macomb Community College’s University Center in Clinton Township today—which also happens to be the site of our newest ADP Center. 

Under the guidance of Northwood online lead faculty member Dr. Patrick Callaghan, who serves as A4EOE president, the Alliance is a partnership of “educational institutions, vendors and corporate partners dedicated to advancing the quality of online pedagogy.” Members seek inventive and innovative ways to design and deliver online and blended courses while providing direction and guidance in developing faculty with the skills, enthusiasm and commitment to excellence in online learning. 

Throughout the years, several Northwood faculty have actively participated in A4EOE events and last year, as you may recall, Northwood Associate Professor Jennifer Luzar was named A4EOE Distinguished Faculty of the Year. 

In addition to everything else, both events will be attended by faculty from other educational institutions, with a majority coming from community colleges. As such, these events are excellent examples of how we at Northwood are working hard to:  

  1. Enhance the Learning Environment
  2. Nurture a Learning and Continuous Improvement Organization
  3. Cultivate Student & Programmatic Growth
  4. Strengthen Brand Equity and Reputation

Have a great weekend!


Keith A. Pretty, J.D.
President and CEO
Northwood University
4000 Whiting Drive
Midland, MI 48640