October 5, 2012

Northwood Employees Give Back

One of the questions during last week’s System Wide Quarterly Update was about the level of employee participation in Northwood University’s Annual Employee Campaign, which includes individual donations and programs such as “Dollars for Scholars.”

Thanks to the prompt efforts of Justin Marshall in our Advancement office, we are pleased to report that 235 of Northwood’s 439 full-time employees system wide participated in the campaign during calendar year 2011—a 53.5% participation rate.

This is great news and a point upon which we can build for this year’s campaign. It points to our place as proven leaders who know and understand that “giving back” and “investing in the future” start with us.

Blackboard Mobile App Exemplifies Our Commitment to Learning…and Customer Service

The recent introduction of the Blackboard mobile application for smart phone users is exciting news on many fronts, not the least of which includes the following.

First, this is a great example of how we are acting on Strategic Theme One, “Enhance the Learning Environment.” By enabling students to obtain important course updates, review materials and lectures, and complete quizzes and exams from their smartphone, we expand the plane of learning by going beyond what constitutes today’s “typical” online learning environment.

Second, the Blackboard app points to our continuing effort to harness the best available technologies in educating and helping our students. In today’s tech-savvy world, nothing says “customer service” quite like an app that allows users to access and make use of class materials on my.northwood.edu, 24-7-365, via our smartphones.

Third, this new mobile application points to the proven nature of our unique philosophy, The Northwood Idea. In particular, it underscores our belief in the value and contribution of entrepreneurship, private enterprise, and individual creativity. And in true free market fashion, the app is available to both Apple© and Android© fans in one year ($1.99) and unlimited ($5.99) subscriptions.

To learn more about the Blackboard mobile applications, click here.

Finally, this weekend’s 49th Annual Auto Show on our Michigan campus, Crossing Over on our Texas campus, and homecoming events on both campuses remind us of the very unique community to which we belong. We have much of which we can be proud and for which we can be thankful, so let’s make certain we do just that.

Have a great weekend! 


Keith A. Pretty, J.D.
President and CEO
Northwood University
4000 Whiting Drive
Midland, MI 48640