September 7, 2012

Many Paths, One Clearing

With Opening Convocation ceremonies completed on all three of our residential campuses—the last being held earlier this week in Michigan—and classes underway system wide, our ONE Northwood University is at “full speed.” Part of the beauty of it all is that this oneness contains a high degree of individuality and diversity. While we serve a unified mission, we do so in different ways, not only by the measure of our individual job descriptions but in terms of our individual talents and visions.

Each of our residential campuses, for example, has its own unique theme on which it will focus in the coming academic year. Created and articulated by our area/campus presidents and their respective teams, each theme captures something that is both unique to our different campus communities and also symbolizes our united mission in service to The Northwood Idea.

The theme in Florida this year is actually several themes that, as Northwood Florida President Tom Duncan noted, are all consistent with the Northwood mission and values. Reminiscent of the election year in which we find ourselves, our Florida campus is focused on living out Northwood V.O.T.E.S!” an acronym for: 

  • Vision
  • Opportunity
  • Tradition
  • Enterprise
  • Scholarship

On our Michigan campus, the theme this year is “Lead by Serving” which, as Northwood Michigan President William Bateman noted during Convocation earlier this week, reminds us leadership “is really about serving others.” And the irony of it all is that in serving and helping others, we actually benefit: by growing personally, professionally, and as business-minded leaders.

Northwood Texas President Kevin Fegan and the Texas faculty and staff are driving home the importance of individual responsibility, among other ideas, with the theme, “Catch the Experience.” As always, Northwood will offer its students a unique opportunity but it’s up to each of them to take full advantage of the many offerings presented to them.

Three different themes united by one unique mission. As the old adage goes, “there are many paths but one clearing,” and we at Northwood University are once again showing the world why The Northwood Idea is one that is not only tried but one that is proven—proven in its ability to educate the future leaders of a global, free enterprise society.

Enjoy the weekend!


Keith A. Pretty, J.D.
President and CEO
Northwood University
4000 Whiting Drive
Midland, MI 48640