February 3, 2012

As a leader in international education, Northwood University provides students a variety of opportunities to complete all or a portion of their BBA and MBA degrees in countries around the world. An important and growing aspect of our effort is our Study Abroad Program.  

Northwood sophomores, juniors, and seniors with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher who meet the program requirements can participate in a number of offerings through our International Programs Department. Seven programs are scheduled through the fall 2013 semester with more for the 2012-2013 academic year in the planning stage. 


Italy/Switzerland – March 8-17, 2012 (HIS 3850: Special Topics, 3 credits)

Students will travel to Italy and Switzerland to study the legacy of the Renaissance and Reformation, and will enjoy breathtaking vistas, visit a variety of cities, tour museums and castles, and view artistic and architectural masterworks from the medieval period. Students will be led by Assistant Professor Mariana Grigoras. 

NU-CARS – March 11-17, 2012 (Fulfills Business Core Elective or Automotive Required elective, 3 credits)

NU-CARS is an annual cross-cultural student competition in automotive dealership management organized by Northwood in partnership with Toyota USA and several other European colleges and universities specializing in automotive retailing. Winning team members not only have the satisfaction of besting the competition, they take home cash prizes as well. The CEO of the Danish Automotive Association along with other industry leaders will be present for this event.

The site for this program rotates among the partnering schools and will be held on our Florida Campus this year welcoming students from:   

  • ESSCA, France
  • GARAC, France
  • The Business Academy Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark
  • University of Nuertingen, Geislingen campus, Germany
  • Bundesfachschule fÜür Betriebswirtschaft  (BFC Automotive College, Germany)
  • Jilin-Lambton College, China
  • Northwood University, USA


London Theatre – May 12-19, 2012 (ENG 3850: Special topics, 3 credits)

Students will travel to London and spend six days captivated by what many call “the theater capital of the world.” Participants will attend four plays and visit many of the unforgettable sights and sounds of the United Kingdom’s capital city, especially those related to British literature, comedy and drama. The program Leader is Associate Professor Stacey Romanchuk. 

International Summer University (ISU) 2012 (MGT 4810: Business Seminar, 3 credits)

The International Summer University is an intensive program offering practical education and relatively small class sizes in partnership with students from South Africa, the University of South Dakota, and the University of Massachusetts. Students attend a two week course at The Business School of the University of Applied Sciences Braunschweig-Wolfenbuettel (BSW) in Wolfsburg, Germany and participate in a wide range of discussions in international management, intercultural communication and leadership, marketing, and the global automotive industry. The program also includes several tours to sites such as the Volkswagen manufacturing complex and Autostadt (automotive theme park), the Wolfsburg castle, and the international art museum in Wolfsburg.

The program Leader is Adjunct Faculty member Robert Gillan.

A Passage to China: May 23-June 5, 2012 (MKT 3100: International Marketing, 3 credits)

Marketing 3100 students will travel to Beijing, Shanghai, and Wuxi in The People’s Republic of China to visit cultural sites, different marketing channels, and international and Chinese business ventures. Lessons regarding international marketing concepts, culture, and language will be offered both prior to and throughout the trip. The program will be led by Assistant Professor Weikang “Ken” Wang.

Semester in Asia 2012 June 24-July 30 (MGT 4810: Business seminar, 3 credits are included in the program; students may take additional courses)

The Semester in Asia program will start with orientation and pre-study on our Texas Campus. From there students will travel to Thailand and Vietnam to study the Southeast Asian economy, including meetings with both Asian and American entrepreneurs active in these markets. In addition to several lectures by major corporate executives on international business, included will be visits to Southeast Asian businesses and institutions not typically open to the average tourist.  Participants will also make their way to city centers, palaces, and the like utilizing everything from commercial jets to elephants.  Students will spend two days in Hawaii on the way back from Southeast Asia.  The program Leader is Associate Professor Robert Harris.

FALL 2012

Semester in Europe – End of August through December 

Continuing an over 30-year  tradition, Northwood University students will travel to France, the Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Poland and the United Kingdom in this 2012 program. And following student and faculty feedback, the 2012 program will include a number of positive changes, making the program even more fulfilling. Program Leader is Adjunct Faculty member Robert Gillan.  More details about this program will be communicated as soon as they are available.

Limited scholarship funds are accessible for our study abroad programs, and students can also utilize the support of civic and community groups, churches and private individuals. In addition, qualifying students can apply for an honor scholarship for the semester-long programs in Europe and Asia.

Our students, as well as faculty, staff, and parents who work with them, who are interested in learning more should contact our Dean of International Programs, Mamiko Reeves, at reevesm@northwood.edu 

Enjoy the weekend! 


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