Six Degrees That Make Your Resume Look Good

YAHOO! Education recently published an article outlining the six degrees that make your resume look good.  What fell in at number one?  You guessed it, Business Administration.  Northwood University helps students to earn three of the top six degrees.  Finance and Health Care Administration also make the list.  Highlights from the article are below, see the full article at

Why does a Business Administration degree look so good?

Few degrees say "versatility" like a bachelor's in business administration. That's because students pursuing a business administration degree will learn about a variety of aspects of managing an organization.

When employers see business administration on a resume, they know that the graduate has a well-rounded understanding of the business industry. Students will typically take courses such as management, finance, accounting, economics, marketing, human resources, and organizational behavior.

Even more importantly: Many business graduates need to complete an internship as part of their degree. Internship experience coupled with a business degree makes you very marketable.

Why does a Finance degree look so good?

Since the financial crisis, businesses and independent financial agencies have been placing increased focus on how finances are managed and business is conducted. This means graduates with finance degrees are hot commodities because they can help control internal processes and spot any potential problem areas.

When it comes to employment, financial degrees have always been attractive to employers. People who study for finance degrees get skilled and trained in being able to look into the future of a business, assess the potential risks and rewards of business decisions, and guide businesses towards good strategy and away from bad.

And that ability to "project" the future of a business is a skill that employers eagerly seek. When employers see a finance degree on a resume, they see a candidate who is most likely able to see the bigger picture and the details that make it up. A finance degree in your resume says you are the kind of person who can step back and analyze a situation properly, and who will help the company stay on course. 

Why does a Health Care Administration degree look so good?

If you want your resume to look shiny and new, a health care administration degree could be for you. Why? The health care industry is experiencing tremendous growth as a result of health care reform and an aging population.

With the industry expanding, degree holders in health care administration should have a lot of options. A health care administration undergraduate may choose to pursue a position within a managed care organization, in marketing or finance, or even a pharmaceutical/biotech sales position.

On top of that, employers know that graduates of an accredited health care administration program will also have a strong business background. And employers value sound-reasoning and critical thinking skills that can be applied in a real-world setting. Why? Because these skills show potential employers that you are dedicated to the field of health care and have a broad understanding of the opportunities and challenges within the health care sector.

Are you ready to take the first step to impress potential employers?  Take a look at the degree programs Northwood University offers and get started today!


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