Crossing Over Ceremony Symbolizes Positive Transitions

New students 'cross over' to become members of the Northwood University Family.
Dr. Tom Duncan assists students as they sign the Northwood University Code of Ethics.

Northwood University Florida's Crossing Over Ceremony held special significance for its student body, as it signified a variety of meaningful transitions.

The observance, designed to reflect the many positive changes that students are experiencing, highlighted the fact that students are 'crossing over' to a new life as they are each transitioning to a new educational environment, a new academic year, a new group of friends, a new home, and in many cases, a new country or continent.

The symbolic orientation event was opened as Northwood University students, flanked by each of their 48 country flags, processed over the DeVos Cook Academic Center bridge towards the Edwards Bell Tower and Plaza area.

Northwood University President Dr. Tom Duncan welcomed the group as faculty and staff members looked on. Duncan asked the crowd, "What, exactly, are you crossing over to?. He answered the question by focusing on three key points: 1) Crossing Over to New Places and New Friends; 2) Crossing Over to a New Learning Community, and 3) Crossing Over to Northwood Values. "We are giving you the opportunity," Duncan said to the hundreds of students who attended the event, "to be the future leaders of a global, free-enterprise society – which is Northwood's mission. He emphasized the importance of acquiring knowledge and learning skills, but also the importance of developing their characters, in order to be prepared for the world of business. "At Northwood, we believe in functioning from a foundation of ethics and integrity in all we do," the president continued. He then recited the Northwood University Code of Ethics, and invited all students to sign Northwood University's Code of Ethics.

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