Northwood University Adds Sustainability Management Major for Fall 2013

Thanks to Northwood University’s (NU) new degree program in Sustainability Management eco-conscious business students will be able to combine their passion for the environment with a proven business curriculum. Scheduled to start fall 2013, Northwood’s major in Sustainability Management positions graduates to meet the demand for business leaders and entrepreneurs who understand the economics of sustainability.

“There is an increasing need for business managers and enterprise leaders who understand the complex and evolving relationship between business and the environment,” explained Dr. Kristin Stehouwer, executive vice president, chief academic officer and chief operating officer at Northwood University. “Sustainability practices are good for the environment as well as the businesses that implement them. Our graduates will be equipped to grow the long-term health and profitability of the businesses they lead.”

NU’s Sustainability Management major includes courses in ecological principles and environmental science, environmental law and public policy, triple-bottom-line financial management, and urban design and construction. Students will gain the knowledge, expertise and skills necessary for analyzing, planning and implementing sustainable practices and policies across industries and marketplaces—locally and globally.

NU is launching the Sustainability Management program on its Michigan and Florida campuses during the fall 2013 semester with plans to expand the program to its Texas campus in the future.

According to Kevin Petrovsky, associate academic dean for the Florida campus, the Sustainability Management degree opens “employment doors” for graduates worldwide.

“Companies large and small recognize the need to incorporate sustainable practices into their strategic planning and operations. This degree will enable students to apply their management skills to any industry or enterprise operating within the ever-changing global environment, society and economy,” stated Petrovsky.

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