Florida President & Faculty Serve as Valued Media Experts

Timothy Gilbert shares expertise with South Florida's CBS affiliate.

As the United States government continues to rack up trillion dollar deficits, media focus on inappropriate federal spending continues – and ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX media members continue to turn to Northwood University experts for insight.

"With headlines focusing on exorbitant taxes being spent on initiatives such as poetry grants for prisoners and telephone reminders to depressed citizens, there's a variety of material for comment, and we're thankful to have experts that can share their insight," stated Suzi McCreery, Florida's Director of Public Relations. "Our experts clearly and succinctly get to the root of why the prioritization of government spending is so important, and that underscores Northwood's mission and values," she said.

In addition to commenting on examples of controversial federal spending, Northwood University President Tom Duncan also has served as an expert source on topics such as an initiative by the US Department of health to further curtail the work hours of government employees, and the claim that Apple, Inc. attempts to evade paying its "fair share" of taxes by setting up overseas shell companies.

"When studies show that the pay and benefits of government employees now exceeds that of workers in the private sector, the federal government has to proceed cautiously when making proposals to shorten the federal workweek, increase benefits, and make it easier to work from home," said Duncan. "Private sector workers who do not enjoy such benefits are being asked to foot the bill for government workers, and that doesn't play well," Duncan added.

When asked by the media to comment on charges that Apple, Inc., among other U.S. businesses, intentionally set up sister corporations abroad in order to evade U.S. taxes, Duncan replied that "the federal government needs to take a hard look at the corporate tax rate, which is among the highest in the industrialized world.' He added that "companies, like individuals, are going to act rationally. If moving assets abroad saves money and brings a stronger return to investors, why would we be surprised that companies do just that," Duncan added. "We need to look at what motivates companies to invest in America and keep their money working here at home. Perhaps a high corporate taxation rate is not the best incentive."

Appointed Northwood Florida President in July, 2012, Duncan has become recognized as a valued political, economic, and social commentator for CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX television affiliates in the Palm Beach area. From 2007-2009, Duncan was Visiting Professor of Higher Education at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. He served as a senior staff member to Missouri Governor John Ashcroft in education and policy management from 1985-1989, as well as Director of the Missouri Division of Professional Registration from 1989-1992. Prior to his government service, he was an assistant professor of government and public administration at Evangel College (now Evangel University) in Springfield, Missouri from 1980-1984. He later served colleges and universities in California, Arizona, and Ohio in faculty and administrative capacities.

Duncan earned his PhD. in higher education from the University of Arizona in 2005; an M.A. in political science from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1979; his B.A. in government from Evangel College in 1975; and a course of study in preparation for Anglican ordination with the Anglican Mission in the Americas. He is an ordained minister with the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). In addition to his higher education service, Duncan has remained active as a chaplain and pastor in religious communities in California, Arizona, Missouri, and Wisconsin.


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