Professor Applies Hands-On Experiences Toward Program Leadership

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Once deployed on a seismic research vessel, Florida professor Kevin Petrovsky has conducted geologic surveys on the ocean floor.
Professor Petrovsky is interviewed by ABC reporter Terri Parker for an environmental story.

Professor Petrovsky is interviewed by ABC reporter Terri Parker for an environmental story.

August 2, 2013

Northwood University Florida professor Kevin Petrovsky knows a lot about environmental conservation, oceanography, natural resource exploration and extraction, coastal management and human impacts on the environment.  And it’s his unique capability to blend his hands-on experience and education toward teaching environmental sustainability and its necessity for long term business success that creates compelling class discussions.

“It is important for people to understand their role and place in the global environment.  Everything we do has an impact on the environment, and the environment has an impact on everything we do or want to do,” said Petrovsky who spent several months on a seismic research vessel conducting geologic surveys for oil deposits on the ocean floor for a Houston based oil exploration company. 

Designed to develop leaders who understand the relationship between the global ecology and economic progress, Northwood’s Sustainability Management program is of interest to those who appreciate the symbiotic relationship between science and technology and want to advance sustainable business practices. The program prepares students to develop, implement, and assess businesses solutions that balance the bottom line with the needs of the environment and communities, facilitate internal and external changes in sustainability practices, and more.

Petrovsky holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Oceanographic Technology from Florida Institute of Technology and a Master of Science degree in Coastal Zone Management from Nova Southeastern University. He has also worked as a coastal engineer, surveyor and a maritime instructor.