Phoenix Alumni Event Brings Northwood Graduates Together

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Alumni in Phoenix had the Opportunity to Network at a Wine Tasting Event
Terroir Wine Pub in Scottsdale, AZ

Terroir Wine Pub in Scottsdale, AZ

February 28, 2013

CEDAR HILL, Texas – In a similar fashion to most universities, alumni of all three Northwood University campuses are dispersed across the United States. One large area of alumni concentration is Phoenix, AZ, where graduates from all three campuses reside. Last week, an “Alumni Mix & Mingle” was held for alumni at a wine pub in Scottsdale, AZ.

Following a meet and greet held last October, Northwood University Southwest Alumni Director, Natasha Elder sought feedback from those in attendance for future events. “The common consensus was that the opportunity to simply meet and network with fellow Northwood alumni is invaluable. That led to the concept for the wine tasting event at Terroir Wine Pub. Alumni were invited to enjoy varieties of wine and select accompaniments while networking and getting to know one another in a casual yet professional setting”, expressed Elder.

Graduates from the 1970s through the 2000’s were in attendance, all of whom are experiencing great success in their chose fields. From Honeywell Aerospace to IKEA Group, and JP Morgan Chase to private business owners, Northwood alumni are making their presence known in the Phoenix area. Many business cards were exchanged with one another and a business card drawing awarded attendees with Northwood gifts and memorabilia.

One of the highlights of the evening was the presence of Northwood University’s President and CEO, Dr. Keith Pretty. President Pretty was attending a conference that same week and Terroir Wine Pub served as a convenient location for him to join the gathering. After about an hour of introductions and mingling, Elder formally welcomed everyone and invited President Pretty to share a few words. News of campus developments, curriculum updates, and future events were shared, and the floor was opened for alumni to ask President Pretty any questions they may have had.

2008 Texas graduate, Justin Balich, shared his thoughts on the event, “The alumni event was yet another demonstration of Northwood’s continued support and pursuit to connect with alumni, even after we’ve left the hallways of our respective campuses. I enjoyed the opportunity to socialize with NU graduates along with the personal update on Northwood’s current position and future endeavors from President Keith Pretty.”

Much like last October, input from alumni regarding future events is always appreciated. Following the get-together, a survey was sent to all those in attendance and plans are already in motion for a gathering in early fall.

For more information regarding upcoming alumni events, please contact Natasha Elder at or 972-293-5425.