Northwood University Texas Celebrates Founders' Day

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Knights Celebrate Founders' Day with a Sports Twist

April 12, 2013

CEDAR HILL, Texas - March 23, 1959 two young men, Dr. R. Gary Stauffer and Dr. Arthur E. Turner, had an idea. Their visionary idea became a reality by enrolling one hundred students at Northwood Institute. Fifty-four years later that visionary idea is still intact and has evolved to new heights. Every year Northwood University pays tribute to these two young men who founded our very existence.

On Wednesday March 27, Northwood University, Texas celebrated Founders’ Day with a twist. The theme was “Catch the Experience” which had a sports undertone to it. The celebration began with the Founders’ Day Speaker Series which presented a symposium about the Economics of Sports with experts, PBS TV host, Dr. Dennis McCuistion; Channel 8 TV sports anchor, Dale Hansen; ESPN radio celebrity, Randy Galloway and top sports agent, Jordan Woy, discussing the role athletes play in the business of sports. The Knights were on the edge of their seats as the experts discussed every topic from over paying professional athletes, striving to play harder and following your dreams.

“Find out what you love to do, then find out how to make money from it. When you get a job take ownership, ask how I can I benefit this company and bring money in”, stated Jordan Woy. Dale Hansen said, “Work for the fun experience, the money will follow.” After all questions were addressed, the President of the Texas campus, Dr. Kevin Fegan, gave the speakers a Northwood University bat as a token of the Knights’ appreciation. Lakeidea Burns, junior management major, stated, “I thought the speakers were very entertaining as well as insightful about how money isn’t a motivating factor for players in the professional field.”

Knight Fest followed the speakers’ forum. Knights had a blast dancing to the music provided by the In10City band which played popular music for all ages and genres. As the band provided music, students strolled through the car show which had everything from Chryslers to Volkswagens. Sara Ferguson, junior hospitality major, stated, “I loved Founders’ Day. Everything was student driven and it was great to see everyone as a big family.” The students were very eager to see all of the cars and take pictures with them. During  Knight Fest, fun activities were provided such as a bounce slam dunk basketball challenge, a dunk booth to splash favorite faculty and staff, a photo booth to capture memories, and last but not least a mechanical bull to let out the Knights inner Texan. Lunch was provided by the Sodexo food truck which was a hit among everybody. “The lunch was delicious and the variety of food was amazing”, stated Kourtni Smith, sophomore fashion marketing major.

Next was the Knights Fashion Show, which showcased all the latest fashion trends in sportswear, provided by DICK’S Sporting Goods and Sports Authority. The 22 models were none other than our very own Knights. As the Knight models walked down the runway their peers cheered them on. “It was great to see how fashion and sports intertwined and everyone loved it too” state Phuong Nguyen, junior fashion marketing major.

Last but not least the Knights concluded the Founders’ Day celebration with a student faculty/staff softball game. The game was intense and Knight spirit was high. Professor Ronald Sekerak took one for the team and slid into first base as the students came very close to getting him out.  Dominic Barcelon hit a home run for the students, he stated, “It felt good to make a score for my team.” The faculty/staff fought hard and won the game 6 to 2.

Overall, everyone had a delightful time this Founders’ Day.  Luzely Lopez, sophomore advertising major, said “I definitely caught the experience, Founders’ Day was a blast.” Students, faculty, staff, and alumni would all like to thank the founders’ of Northwood University for following their idea and creating a University were leaders are born.


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