Entrepreneurial Pitch Competition Spurs Creativity

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The event unveiled several resourceful opportunities.
Student Florian Wagner presents his winning dress shirt idea.

Student Florian Wagner presents his winning dress shirt idea.

April 24, 2013

Northwood University Florida students recently flexed their entrepreneurial muscles while participating in a contest designed to spur innovative ideas.

Led by adjunct professor George Stamas, The Entrepreneurship Society competition included a web-based credit card that would prevent one from having to carry a wallet, a chain of nutrition stores that cater to sporty and weight conscious people, a hot/cold patch for the body that is driven by brain waves, US importation of an existing pill that prevents cold sores, a machine that makes pure water by combining hydrogen and oxygen, and more.

The winner, pitched by senior Florian Wagner, was a limited line of men's quality non-iron dress shirts sourced from Austria and Poland which would be marketed initially in Florida.

"All of the pitches were exceptionally good presentations of new business ideas. The panel of judges, made up of three experienced business people, concluded that the competitive advantage of Florian's pitch was the extensive knowledge of his market and of the delivery of his product, as compared to the other contestants."

The Northwood University Entrepreneurship Society was created to bring individuals together to network in an environment where their entrepreneurial ideas and concepts for enterprise can be supported and accelerated. With the help of one another, the society fosters the future leaders of a free enterprise system, growing both knowledge and character to enable entrepreneurial dreams to become a reality.