Transparency is Affirmed at Northwood

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Northwood University's Student Govt. Invited the NU family to a Q&A with the Provost

April 20, 2012

CEDAR HILL, Texas, April 19, 2012 – Northwood University's Student Government Association (SGA) invited the Northwood students, faculty and staff to sit down with the university provost, Dr. Kevin Fegan, for a question and answer session.  Dr. Fegan spoke to a full house in the Lambert Seminar Room.  Everyone who entered was provided a note card to write down their questions for the provost.  Upon entering the room attendees were greeted by SGA officers and upbeat music which played in the background.

Northwood 2011-12 SGA President, Christen Noble, began the Question and Answer Forum by introducing the new SGA officers and Dr. Fegan.  The questions varied from light hearted to serious and were read out loud by SGA officers, Wally Trejo, Joshua Reyes and Brandon Mason. 

One question when answered that brought laughter to the crowd was, what is the secret to your success? Dr. Fegan responded with “while there are many characteristics, skills, etc., that are important for one to have success, I believe timing and presence are the two variables that allow for success to occur.” And that he dyed his sideburns grey to look older for the part of the provost.  

Dr. Fegan is always open and willing to speak to all the students in order to lend an ear or give advice.  When one listens to Dr. Fegan speak to a member of the Northwood family you feel that it is genuine and from the heart.  He said it best by telling the students “I have a sincere interest and desire that I want to know you.”  He went on to say that the most important way to get to know someone is by their name and that is why he makes it a goal to learn every individuals name.   

Kourtni Smith, a freshman, said that “the Q&A was very informative, I love that the provost is always open and willing to talk to us.”

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