Sport Coach Leadership, Training Programs Gain Momentum

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The events are tailored to improve performance levels of coaching staff, student athlete experience.
Dr. Dennis Bechtol

Dr. Dennis Bechtol

September 12, 2012

In continued efforts to promote sport coach leadership and training, Northwood University Florida again teamed up with the Elite Coaching Consultants (ECC) to present a series of youth sport coaching workshops.

Hosted by the Seminole Tribe Reservation of South Florida and held at Northwood Florida, the events were presented with the goal of strengthening performance levels of coaching staff in an effort to better assist young athletes.

"We are becoming known as the 'go to' place for sport coach leadership and education training, and our community service is the key to being recognized as a university that meets the area's needs," said Dr. Dennis Bechtol, Entertainment, Sport and Promotion Management (ESPM) professor.

The programs implemented a series of coaching workshop. and introduced the Coach Smart Performance curriculum to all four of the Seminole Tribe reservations including Brighton, Immokalee, Hollywood, and Big Cypress.

Elite Coaching Consultants has developed the Coach Smart Performance program to educate coaches of youth sport participants with the latest techniques and models providing kids with a relevant, positive, and inclusive experience.

"Statistics relate that 70% of all kids participating in youth sports typically drop out of sports programs by the age of 14. Many of the reasons for this attrition are due to bad experiences by the kids and parents. Coaches are the key connection to keeping kids involved in sports, giving them the opportunity to build the life skills that makes balanced and competent young adults," said ECC president Robert Kubin.