Professor Shares Expertise Regarding Cyber Security

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April 27, 2012

Demand continues to increase for Northwood University media commentators as their expertise relates to a wide variety of local and international issues of interest.

With a new government report exposing cyber security problems, threats to public, private and government computer networks are getting attention on Capitol Hill, so it wasn't long before television reporters contacted Susan McCreery, Director of Public Relations at Northwood University Florida to be quickly connected with an industry expert who could shed light on the concern.

"In this instance Adjunct Professor Patricia McDermott-Wells was able to shed light on what's becoming a monumental security issue. With the expertise of our university leaders and faculty members being one of our most valuable resources, we are pleased to provide this service to the community," said McCreery.

While pointing out that some foreign governments 'are rumored to have entire army battalions that sit at computers and do nothing but try to hack anything and everything,' McDermott-Wells shared with CBS anchor Ben Becker that while looking at the issue from the standpoint of loss of human life, being able to bring another government to its knees without sending manned soldiers is certainly going to look very attractive."

McDermott-Wells, has over 30 years of computer experience which covers all aspects of data processing and management. Her previous experience includes consulting positions with the Florida cities of Miami, Jacksonville and Tallahassee, and serving as a top technical software specialist for Unisys mainframes on an international "fly & fix" support team. In addition, she has lended her expertise to assist many international banks and insurance corporations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

McDermott-Wells holds a Bachelor in Mathematics and a Masters in Management Science/Operations Research from the University of Miami, and is a doctoral student at Nova Southeastern University. She is a Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE), and holds additional MCP certifications in Visual Basic Programming, Access Development, Windows, Active Directory Services, Networking, Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), Internet Information Server and Internet Explorer Administration. Published articles and papers include "how-to" pieces for Unisphere magazine, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Explorer magazine.