Knights Discover How to Launch Their Own Business

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Owner of SUP NTX Spoke to the Northwood Texas Campus
Kevan Burt with students from Prof. Feffer’s class

Kevan Burt with students from Prof. Feffer’s class

Kevan Burt demonstrating how to stand up paddle board

Kevan Burt demonstrating how to stand up paddle board

September 7, 2012

CEDAR HILL, Texas- Kevan Burt owner and founder of SUP NTX spoke to the Northwood students in the Patterson Memorial Chapel, on the Texas campus. Prof. Feffer, Prof. Sekerak and Prof. Folts classes attended. 

Burt’s business helps individuals buy or rent stand up paddle boards, paddles and accessories. Additionally, they provide top-level support and training for every age and skill level. Their mission is simple, they want every man, woman, and child , no matter their age or athletic ability, to try stand up paddling on one of North Texas' pristine lake destinations. 

Currently in North Texas you can try Burt’s stand up paddle boards on Lake Grapevine and Eagle Mountain Lake.  Stand up paddle boards can be used for a number of recreational activities including triathlon and quadrathlon training, yoga, pilates, fishing as well as stand up paddle competitions.

 “It didn’t take long for North America to discover the benefits of yoga and pilates. The combination of relaxation and fitness is a tremendous benefit to everyone. With all the special clothes, equipment, and videos available, it would seem that there isn’t much new that yoga or pilates can offer until now,” said Kevan Burt.

Burt spoke to the students about following their dream.  He explained to them that he was in the insurance business for twenty years, but always had a dream of owning a stand up paddle board business.

The Northwood marketing and entrepreneur students had a number of questions for Burt, such as how did he start his business and what his projected marketing plan was for the future. Burt shared with the students the biggest piece of advice I can give you is to “call someone that is doing what you want to do, learn from them how to grow your business”.

The students learned a great deal from Kevan Burt and many stayed after class to learn more about stand up paddle boards and how to run their own business.

For more information on stand up paddle boards visit  And to learn more entrepreneurship at Northwood visit


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