Knight Has a Heart for Running

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Joshua "Kip" Kosgei competed at the 61st Annual Outdoor Track & Field National Championships
Kip Kosgei

Kip Kosgei

June 7, 2012

CEDAR HILL, Texas –Joshua “Kip” Kosgei competed at the 61st Annual Outdoor Track & Field National Championships held on May 24-26, 2012 at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, IN. Kip competed in the 800m which consisted of 25 runners. Kip won both his prelim and his semi to qualify for the finals. Before entering this meet his personal record for the 800m was 1:50.54.

Kip had the fastest time in both the prelims and the semis. However going into the final he knew the favorite for this race was Silas Kisorio of Oklahoma Christian.  The season leading up to Nationals Kip knew he would be battling Silas for the win. In the final of the 800m Kip had a good start, but was boxed in for a few seconds. Silas passed on the second lap with 350m to go. The race became a 2 man race.  Silas and Kip side by side, stride for stride.

 “It really was spectacular to see such great athletes giving everything they had,” said Renee Lewton, Head Cross Country & Track and Field Coach.

Kip was the underdog; it was his first National outdoor meet.  Silas nipped Kip running a 1:47.98 and Kip at 1:48.37, finishing with a 2 sec personal record.

“Kip has to be the toughest runner I have ever met.  His training leading up to Nationals was 1/2 of what I wanted him to do, due to an injury. He barely ran a week before the race because he was in so much pain.  If everyone had the mind Kip has we would have a lot of great runners. He is so mentally strong. He has such high expectations for himself and wants nothing less even if a week before the race he can barely walk. Going into the finals he wanted to win more than anything. He put it all out there. If he was 100% healthy leading up to Nationals I think the outcome would have been in Kips favor. Coming in 2nd he has no expectations for next year. It was a great experience for him and he now has something to work towards for next year. We just need to get him 100% healthy first. I was a very proud Coach that day,” expressed Coach Lewton.