Grab, Absorb and Retain

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Grab, Absorb, and Retain Art Villarreal, General Manager of Costco in Duncanville, Texas, Enlightens the Knights on Their Unique Corporation
Art Villarreal, General Manager of Costco; Diane Feffer, Marketing Professor and Northwood student Henry Hilla

Art Villarreal, General Manager of Costco; Diane Feffer, Marketing Professor and Northwood student Henry Hilla

December 7, 2012

CEDAR HILL, Texas - From celebrities to the average American family, it seems as if everyone loves bulk, brand names and bargains. Costco is the number one wholesale buying club in the country and the ninth largest retailer in the world. Last year their annual revenue was more than $80 billion, topping with both Target and Home Depot. Costco offers customers over 4,000 different products to choose from and never charges more than 14 percent above cost for any item.

On Thursday, November 29, the general manager of Costco in Duncanville, Texas, Art Villarreal spoke to the knights about the “Costco Craze”, their unique corporate culture, and how to get ahead of the competition when applying for jobs.  He explained the importance of being prepared at all times and staying true to yourself. He even discussed how to dress for success.

The students were very eager to hear Art Villarreal’s words of wisdom. “Always think ahead, it’s a part of growing up,” Villarreal stated.  Mr. Villarreal went on to say “The more you grab, absorb, and retain, the more valuable you are.”

Diane Feffer, Marketing Professor and sponsor of the event, stated, “I like to invite speakers in which students can relate, engage and feel comfortable with. Art Villarreal is very inviting and made the students feel comfortable.” Northwood University would like to thank Art Villarreal for donating his time to speak with the Northwood students.


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