Florida President Weighs in on State Attorney Race, Florida Senate Contest, Presidential Debate, More

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Dr. Tom Duncan serves as a valuable political, economic commentator.
Dr. Duncan interviews live with WPTV's Mike Williams.

Dr. Duncan interviews live with WPTV's Mike Williams.

Dina Keever, Dr. Tom Duncan and Robert Gershman

Dina Keever, Dr. Tom Duncan and Robert Gershman

October 18, 2012

Florida President Dr. Tom Duncan continues to serve as a valuable political commentator by sharing expertise with a variety of media outlets.

At a State Attorney debate hosted by Northwood Florida, the former senior staff member to Missouri Governor John Ashcroft was recently interviewed by NBC, CBS and ABC affiliates to share his take on that race, on the Florida U.S. Senate contest. and his thoughts regarding the upcoming "town hall" style Presidential debate.

"Northwood University Florida takes seriously its responsibilities as a higher education institution to participate in issues of major importance to the Palm Beach community," Duncan stated at the beginning of the State Attorney debate. "It was a positive experience for the Northwood Florida students, staff, and faculty to host this important debate between contestants in what is, perhaps, the most closely watched local election in 2012," he continued. "The U.S. Senate contest between incumbent Senator Bill Nelson (D) and Congressman Connie Mack IV (R) has narrowed considerably in the last two weeks," Duncan noted when asked about this crucial statewide election in Florida. "Congressman Mack is now within striking distance of Senator Nelson, and how strong Mitt Romney's coattails are in Florida may be the difference maker for Mack's challenge of the popular Nelson."

In a live, in-studio interview on NBC television just prior to the 2nd Presidential Debate, President Duncan – a political scientist by training – noted that "President Obama will need to show more energy and passion than he did in the first debate, while Governor Romney must prov. that he can connect with the town hall audience and demonstrate both sincerity and empathy.. Duncan continued, "I expect the President to weave into his answers to audience questions some pointed criticisms of Governor Romney's positions on changing Medicare an. Social Security, on Romney's "47% comment, and the Republican'. tax and budget proposals. As for Romney, he will continue to emphasize the economy, jobs, the budget deficit, and the growing national debt, and try to find ways to bring up the Obama Administration's recent contradictory statements about what happened in Libya, and Middle East policy overall."

"With the election only three weeks away," Duncan concluded, "both President Obama and Governor Romney want to seize any opportunity to influence wavering and undecided voters. The last two debates give both candidates the greatest opportunities to take control of the campaign's final stretch."

Recently appointed Northwood Florida President in July, Duncan has become recognized as a valued political commentator for CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX television affiliates in the Palm Beach area. He served as a senior staff member to Missouri Governor John Ashcroft in education and policy management, as well as Director of the Missouri Division of Professional Registration, from 1985-1992. Prior to his government service, he was an assistant professor of government and public administration at Evangel College (now Evangel University) in Springfield, Missouri from 1980-1984. He later served colleges and universities in California, Arizona, and Ohio in faculty and administrative capacities.

Duncan earned his PhD. in higher education from the University of Arizona in 2005; an M.A. in political science from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1979; his B.A. in government from Evangel College in 1975; and a course of study in preparation for Anglican ordination with the Anglican Mission in the Americas in South Carolina. In addition to his higher education service, Duncan has remained active as a chaplain and pastor in religious communities in California, Arizona, Missouri and Wisconsin.
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