DeVos Graduate Students Provide Valuable Business Analysis to Local Businesses

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The field work projects assisted local businesses.
Florian Bernds, Cathy Bush, Dominique McClain Barteet, Sophie Lavoie, Denisa Antonescu

Florian Bernds, Cathy Bush, Dominique McClain Barteet, Sophie Lavoie, Denisa Antonescu

July 20, 2012

DeVos Graduate School of Management students recently completed extensive consulting projects for local area businesses, providing in-depth analysis of competitive marketing strategies and offering recommendations to support growth in various lines of business. These "fieldwork projects" provided the students with the opportunity to apply knowledge acquired in the classroom toward real-world business problems, while offering valuable information and ideas for their fieldwork "clients."

Florida based organizations that worked with DeVos MBA students included the Palm Beach County Sports Commission, The Tropical Fruit Company, Atlas Healthcare, Palm Beach Headshots, and Onesole. The scope of the projects covered a wide range of business challenges, including the development of public relations and social media plans, exploring opportunities to penetrate new markets, analysis of operational effectiveness issues, introduction of new products and services, and expansion from an entrepreneurial start-up to a large-scale business operation.

The fieldwork projects spanned several months, beginning with identifying a project scope with the business owner, conducting a thorough analysis of the strategies for each line of business, and applying marketing expertise based on the research from leading strategic consultants, to consider a range of alternatives toward accomplishing the goals of the business. In addition to providing the fieldwork clients with a comprehensive report of their findings, the students developed strategic and operational recommendations that inspired the businesses to consider new directions and actions.

The MBA program at the DeVos Graduate School of Management exceeds traditional curriculum standards by integrating technical business knowledge with the skills necessary to assume leadership roles in a changing global economy. All coursework is driven by key student outcomes focused on the development of business acumen, critical thinking, and personal effectiveness, including emotional intelligence.

Globally recognized for their innovative efforts in applied business education, DeVos faculty have left their mark on virtually every industry, and have fostered, developed, and prepared hundreds of MBA students to be the business leaders of tomorrow.

Even though each faculty member brings a unique perspective and outlook to the interactive classroom, they all share several common attributes: they work closely with and take a personal interest in DeVos students, are deeply committed to making the learning environment at DeVos meaningful and stimulating, and are dedicated to building a curriculum that reflects the latest trends and time-tested principles.