Chivalry Runs Deep at NU

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Northwood University Students Lend a Hand to Alumni
Shawn So, Blessing Egbon and Clayton Boyd take a short break from the disaster relief

Shawn So, Blessing Egbon and Clayton Boyd take a short break from the disaster relief

April 26, 2012

CEDAR HILL, Texas – Two Northwood University alumni, Cameron and Karrie (Pipes) Fox heard the torrential winds blow the roof off of their business, I-Entertainment, causing the roof to come crashing in on them.

Both of them, along with their employees, lay huddled together inside the building in the only safe place they could find shelter from the tornado that devastated parts of Arlington, TX.  Minutes later they were scrambling to move all of their heavy equipment and treasured materials from the destroyed warehouse of I-Entertainment into a safe place before the building was condemned.

They decided to send an email to friends asking for help. Prof. Elaine Brazzell received the email and asked her students if anyone could help these Northwood alums with the disaster relief.  Without hesitation Shawn So, volunteered to help.  On Saturday morning after the storm, he came ready to work with fellow NU student, Blessing Egbon and another friend, UT graduate, Clayton Boyd.

“When professor Brazzell asked if there were any students that would like to volunteer and help a fellow alumni in the tornado disaster, I immediately thought, ‘okay, let's go, someone needs help’. Also, coming from a professor that has impacted me and so many other students on this campus, for me it was a no brainer.  First, it was on my to do list to help people that were affected by the disaster and second, if it was a fellow Northwood Knight that needed help, it made the decision that much easier”, said Northwood student Shawn So.

 After hours of heavy moving, cleaning, painting and organizing, the group agreed that it was a good "team building" experience.  Cameron and Karrie were so grateful for Shawn, Blessing and Clayton's support that after the day was over Cameron offered the men a job at his business. 

 “Shawn really stands out for his leadership.  I am not surprised he went out of his way to do something for someone else.  I am so proud of him”, said Prof. Elaine Brazzell.


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