Florida Experts Share Insight Relating to Food Stamp Fraud, Corporate Downsizing, More

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As proposed political policies are debated, media demand for expert advice continues.

Northwood University Florida faculty recently shared insight with South Florida television viewers by commenting on a variety of issues relating to government waste, corporate downsizing and outsourcing, real estate sales, the possibility of additional benefits for same-sex couples, the proposed sales tax for online retailers, and more.

The seven interviews, conducted within a five-day span with South Florida CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX affiliates highlighted the expertise of professors Timothy Gilbert, Dr. Ed Moore, and Mark Bush.

"It's great to see that our friends in the media are getting a chance to know Northwood University leaders and faculty first-hand," said Susan McCreery, Director of Public Relations. "Our students have long gained from our faculty's expertise, hands-on experience, and anecdotal stories, and now the general public is enjoying the opportunity as well," she said.

While Dr. Ed Moore shared insight relating to corporate downsizing and outsourcing to WPTV's Dan Corcorran, Mark Bush commented about the increase in South Florida home sales to WPEC anchor Ben Becker and Timothy Gilbert shared advice relating to government waste as it relates to food stamp fraud, bogus 911 calls, and more.

Northwood University faculty experts serve as a valuable community resource by sharing their expertise with local and national news media relating to a variety of economic, political, educational and environmental issues.