Students Experience Legislative Process First-Hand

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The Introduction to American Government class attended a West Palm Beach City Commission Meeting.

Northwood Florida American Government students recently experienced democracy in action as they visited a West Palm Beach City Commission meeting.

The group observed the Commission as they approved proclamations, discussed and approved city projects, heard concerns from members of the public, and more. "The first-hand experience allowed the students to observe the legislative branch of government in action, and was a greater lesson than reading about it in a text book," said Justice Ira J. Raab (Retired), Adjunct Professor of American Government, Northwood University.

After the session several students dialoged with the Commissioners and West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio recognized Northwood University student volunteers for regularly participating in city projects.
The Palm Beach County Legislative Delegation Office is a nonpartisan office that serves all seventeen members of the Florida Senate and House of Representatives who represent Palm Beach County in Tallahassee.

The office is responsible for scheduling and coordinating all delegation meetings in Palm Beach County and Tallahassee; developing the delegation's legislative program which includes all local bills, community appropriation requests and county and municipal legislative priorities; providing legislative assistance and research to the delegation during the legislative session; and serving as a liaison between the delegation and local governments and community organizations.

At the end of each legislative session, a comprehensive report is published by the delegation for all county, municipal and federal offices, as well as other interested parties, which reviews all local bills and appropriations affecting Palm Beach County, and general bills passed by Palm Beach County Delegation members.

Students, commissioners, and community leaders in the photo include R-L: Kimberly Mitchell, Shanon Materio, Keith A. James, Wei Liu, Hailey Cusimano, Jake Lockhart, Adalberto Trujillo, Carlos Rios, Mayor Jeri Muoio, Justice Ira Raab, Anushica Raymo, Isacc Robinson Jr., Philip Mawamba, and Sylvia Moffett.