Florida Graduates Prepare for Careers in a Variety of Fields

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Corporations often turn to Northwood before posting positions publicly.

As commencement approaches and Northwood University Florida graduates prepare for the professional world, Director of Career Services Midge Reichert shares that they are entering a variety of fields including Marketing, Financial Management, Automotive Management, Hospitality and Resort Management, and more.

"Northwood University students have an enviable reputation with employers, both locally and nationally. While contacting me to post a variety of internship, full and part-time positions, employers often explain that they're so impressed with Northwood graduates they've previously hired that they often consider us before publically posting positions,. said Reichert who recently hosted a career fair which included over thirty companies.

To help job seekers compete in this tough economic climate, Reichert offers these tips.

1. Research the Organization in Advance. Nothing say's "prepared" and indicates initiative more than a job seeker who's done their homework by thoroughly researching the history, mission and goals of the potential employer and then tailoring their social media profiles, and their resume and cover letter to highlight their strengths in the area.

2. Dress for Interview Success. Job seekers should be dressed in professional attire at their interview as first impressions are always crucial.

3. Make Positive Introductions: Job seekers should introduce themselves by looking directly at the recruiter, with a firm handshake and a warm smile.

4. Prepare a Short 30-Second Commercial. Job seekers should be prepared to provide recruiters with a short, concise, and poised 30 second commercial relating to their experience and potential.

5. Budget Career Fair Time Wisely: Job seekers should arrive early at a career fair so they can take advantage of meeting as many recruiters as possible. There will be a wide variety of employers, and many of them will provide great opportunities that the job seeker may not have considered previously, so they should keep an open mind.

6. Present Organized Digital and Hard Copy Resumes, and Cover Letters: In addition to being able to digitally provide a resume and cover letter, job seekers should organize their hard copy resumes and cover letters in a portfolio with a pad of paper and business cards.

7. Relay respect and confidence: Job seekers should intently listen to what the recruiter is saying for cues to ask questions and to relate the value that they will be able to offer the position. Nothing says confidence like a job seeker who appears enthusiastic about what the recruiter is saying and asks questions to learn more about the company or job.

8. Follow-up with a handwritten note and an email: Never underestimate the value of follow-up! Your willingness to send a handwritten thank you note and an email the day after the interview will remind the interviewer of your potential and set you apart from the rest.