Northwood Florida Welcomes Slovak Ambassador

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Ambassador Kmec shared an economic overview and forecast for the Slovak Republic.

Northwood University Florida was pleased to welcome the Honorable Peter Kmec, Ambassador to the United States from the Slovak Republic, as part of his South Florida speaking tour.

Kmec shared an economic overview and forecast for the Slovak Republic, as well as opportunities for collaborative work with U.S. businesses and educational institutions.

"The presence of a live participant from the world of international decision-making of the caliber of Mr. Kmec was invaluable to our students. He shined a bright light on issues that many times remain as dark shadows or just lifeless entries in a textbook for students. Indeed, Mr. Kmec brought home the fact that collaborative education starts with the exchange of real individuals, and we are thankful to him for that," said Dr. Ed Howell, Associate Professor and Chair of Florida's Economics and Finance Department.

President Tom Duncan of Northwood University Florida noted that students and faculty "very much appreciated Ambassador Kmec's focus on forging strong economic ties between the United States and the Slovak Republic. Specifically, the Northwood community was intrigued by the Slovak Republic's 'flat tax' system, and how Ambassador Kmec emphasized it as a driving force in bringing investment capital to his nation."

Duncan also noted the friendship of Dr. Cecilia Rokusek, Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic for Florida, who accompanied the Ambassador to the Northwood campus. "Dr. Rokusek and I have met several times over the past few months to discuss how Northwood University could work with businesses and educational institutions in the Slovak Republic to spur investment in the skills and knowledge base necessary to see continued economic development in this important Eastern European nation.. President Duncan noted how Ambassador Kmec emphasized the growth of the auto industry in his country, and made the connection of that industry to Northwood's longstanding relationship to the U.S. automobile marketplace.

Kmec graduated from an international relations program in Moscow, and later worked for the federal Czechoslovak Foreign Ministry. Between 2000 and 2003, he was deputy ambassador in Israel, and between 2003 and 2005 held the same post in the USA. Later, he worked as head of the Office of the Foreign Minister and as the Slovak Ambassador to Sweden.