Northwood University to Release "In Defense of Capitalism"

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The second edition of "In Defense of Capitalism" will be released in early August 2011.

MIDLAND, MI – The second edition of Northwood University's annual anthology on freedom, written by the faculty, staff, students and friends of Northwood University, will be released in early August 2011. "In Defense of Capitalism" [Second Edition] is a 30-chapter celebration of the importance of freedom and free enterprise in the American economy and around the world.

Co-authors and co-editors of "In Defense of Capitalism" [Second Edition] are Keith A. Pretty, president and CEO of Northwood University; Timothy G. Nash, vice president strategic and corporate alliances; and Richard M. Ebeling, professor of economics. Northwood President Keith Pretty, states, "Americans must understand the positive role capitalism has played in the founding and history of this great nation and in the enhancement of human progress around the world."

The first section of this volume explores many of the ideas, theories, principles, values and traditions which create prosperity in free societies. The next section provides thoughtful solutions to a number of public policy issues of the last year and the third and final section celebrates the accomplishments and contributions of key business leaders, scholars and politicians in the development and unprecedented success of a free society.


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