Pre-Arrival and Arrival Information

Check List for your travels to Northwood

All international students should plan to arrive at least two days prior to International Orientation.  For those who will be using airline travel, you should begin looking into flight options several weeks prior to your actual departure dates, due to fluctuations in the availability of flights and disparities in airfares.  Those who make plans early will often get better fares.

One you know your travel plans, please fill out the Arrival form and email it to the appropriate campus representative:

Michigan - Mr. Dan Toland

Florida - Ms. Ivette Santana

Prior to departing for Northwood, you should make certain that the following documents are in order:

  1. Visa
  2. I-20

International Student Orientation

All new international students are required to attend an International Orientation Program typically schedule the week prior to the start of classes.  You will receive information regarding International Orientation several weeks prior to the start of classes to allow you to make arrival plans.  Students should plan to arrive on campus at least two days prior to Orientation in order to get settled into either on campus or off campus housing and to be well rested.  In additions to receiving your student ID and schedule, you will also have the opportunity to learn more about:

  • Campus Life

  • Campus Security

  • Available Healthcare

  • Academic Expectation

  • Getting Started (obtaining a Driver’s license, purchasing a care, banking, etc.)

Money Matters


To open a bank account you usually need two pieces of identification, such as a passport or a state ID.  F and J-visa holders do not need a social security number to open a bank account or most other financial transactions.  Banks may ask you to fill out an Internal Revenue Service form W-8BEN  to prove that you are exempt from the requirement of providing a Social Security number.  After you have opened your account, you can also sign up for online banking.  Most banks do not require a social security number for online banking.